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Also known as: Children's Manicure,  Gellux,  Hand Treatments

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Welcome to Manicure central: Learn, share your experiences, read reviews, find the best deals, places and manicure practitioners anywhere and everywhere.

Get ready to nail it. How good is your hand care routine? Many of us regularly neglect our hands,...

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I would say you get what you paid for and this is both positive as well as negative. I got a facial (quality beats price), a manicure (quality = price) and a wax (price beats quality).

Would I recommend?
Facial = Yes.
Manicure = Yeah-ish, it's nothing you couldn't do yourself. If you want a MANICURE then find a more professional place I'd say.
Wax = No. It's strip wax and I was left sore, still with hairs, some bleeding (not much though) and with wax still on my body forcing me to take a second shower in the day to melt it off.

In more detail I would say that:
Facial: was really good, great products (Dermalogica) and relaxing enough. I would say however that I wanted results over spa feeling so it worked, if you want to relax and feel more pampered I'd say maybe no because the place is small and you'll hear phone ringing and people talking outside.

Manicure: They have some nice colors and it's OK. I don't know how long it'll last but I'm not counting on it to be honest. I've painted my nails better but I'm not very picky when it comes to manicures, I wouldn't go back myself but if you are treated by the manicurist there and you have better nails than I do I can imagine better results.

Wax: I've been waxing all my life, I grew up in a hot country so I didn't have much of a choice. Now I've always hot waxed (not strip) and I would recommend that done well a thousand times more that strip. The problem, after having thought about this during my facial, I think was a combination of method (strip waxing) and professional experience. The woman that waxed me wasn't very meticulous. I had to point out big patches of skin which hadn't been waxed and my underarms were left sore, still with hair and bleeding a bit. When waxing bleeding can happen but you have thick-hair-pulled-out-bleeding and irritated-skin-by-excessive-waxing-bleeding, mine was sadly the latter. The thing about strip waxing is that it allows for more unnecessary pulling and hurting whereas hot wax when done right will require two (max three) goes and the wax usually will have honey in it which will make it hurt much less. The staff was really lovely but I wouldn't wax there again, MAYBE the legs because the skin there is thicker but as for the rest no way. Bottom line: they do the job but not well. I can deal with OK almost anything but not waxing because otherwise the pain is just not worth it if you can deal with OK waxing then it might be alright for you just it wasn't for me. Again, look into hot waxing (apparently they have a branch that does it).

Finally I would say that the staff are really, really lovely and smily if a bit clumsy and amateurish. The only treatment I had were I'd say the price is worth the treatment is the facial which was surprisingly good. As for the rest the waxing is cheap and the results are not worth the saving and the manicure you'll get a manicure worth the price you've paid I guess.

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