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Whether you like your nails short and sweet, square, almond or oval, there’s a reason why manicures are up there as one of the most popular beauty treatments for women today. From french to gels, acrylic to paraffin, a professional mani will buff your hands and nails to perfection, and with hundreds of colours to choose from, will put the perfect finishing touch on any outfit.

From french to gels, acrylic to paraffin, there’s a reason why manicures are up there as one of the most popular beauty treatments for women today. Whether you like them short and sweet, square, almond, oval or squoval, there’s something about a freshly manicured hand that can lift your mood in a matter of moments, not to mention add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

What to expect?

A typical manicure starts with your hands being soaked to soften the skin and cuticles, followed by a buff down to even out your nails, and then a file to ensure they are all the same shape and size. There are several add-on’s that can be included, such as a hand and arm massage or a paraffin treatment, though your run-of-the-mill mani usually just consists of the soak, trim and buff, followed by either a lick of colour or cuticle oil and leaving them au naturale.

Whether you like them short and sweet, square, almond, oval or squoval, there’s something about a freshly manicured hand that can lift your mood in a matter of moments, not to mention add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

Today the list of manicures on any treatment menu is endless and picking the right one for you is a matter of personal preference. Pick from natural and glossy, long-lasting and bold or high fashion and fake. If long talons are your thing, acrylic nails are a great option. Here, false nail extensions are glued onto the tips of your real nails, and then sealed with a fast drying top coat which typically lasts up to a month, at which point you'll need to get them refilled. If you prefer a more natural look but struggle to keep your nails long without breaking or chipping, shellac or gel nails are a very popular choice. Coloured gel polish is applied straight onto your natural nail, and is then sealed with a UV light. Perfect if you’re in a rush, gel nails dry as soon as they’re placed under the light, and give you two weeks of chip-free colour.

Good to know

Nail art is also on the rise again. The process is the same as a traditional manicure but your manicurist will embellish your nails with detailed patterns or nail accessories. It's possible to adorn your nails with pretty much anything these days! Gemstones, coloured foil and even piercings are standard practice in most nail salons thanks to the nail art movement which has taken the beauty world by storm. Celebrities the world over are jumping on the colourful bandwagon and turning it into a viral trend. But whatever manicure ticks your box, you’ll certainly never run out of inspiration or ideas when it comes to choosing how to decorate your nails. With new trends and designs popping up everyday, it’s never too late to try something new.

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Acrylic, Hard Gel & Nail Extensions

Nail extensions and overlays are a good way to add strength and length to your natural nails. If you have a tendency to bite your nails this can also be a solution; let’s be honest, acrylic doesn’t taste very nice!

Gel Nails Manicure

Manicures are a difficult art to master. No matter how great they look when finished, they seem to always chip within days, if not in a matter of hours. Enter the Gel nail manicure - a groundbreaking technique that uses gel polishes that get 'cured' under UV lights. The result? Shiny, strong nails for weeks and no drying time!

Hand Massage

A hand massage is an easy and quick way to relax and de-stress. Often given at the end of a manicure, or as a 10-minute session on its own, it's an ideal way to sit back and relax if you don’t have the time for a full body massage.

Nail Art

Oh nail art, let us count the ways we love thee. If there’s a better (or easier!) way to enliven your everyday look, we’re yet to find it. Whether you want a vibrant print in summer, or sophisticated monochrome come winter, we have got you covered.

Paraffin Wax Treatments

Wax, let us count the ways we love thee. As well as being excellent for hair removal and chapped lips, wax is the best way get skin as soft as baby. If you haven’t yet tried a paraffin wax treatment, allow us to enlighten you. This delightful treatment is designed to moisturise and soften your skin while providing therapeutic heat for sore and aching joints. Whether you suffer from arthritis or simply want to revitalise your dry skin, it’s time to wax up...


Perfect for removing hard dead skin cells from your feet, a spoiling pedicure is perfect for keeping your toenails in clean working order. Expect to leave with smooth skin, healthy, shaped toenails and a pop of your favourite nail polish as the finishing touch.

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