What makes a good client to treat and why
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I think so long as one is open-minded the possibilities are endless! If someone is willing to ask the question, hopefully they are willing to do follow through until they find the best solution for them, and if I can help them get to their answer than I have done my part. As a professional, if I can supply the opportunities to help answer the questions, and open that part of the path---then I am pleased with my part.


I am Julia Rhodes, principal colon hydro therapist with West London Colonics.
WLC Wahanda page: http://www.wahanda.com/place/west-london-colonics/
As a colon hydro therapist, it is important that a client follow suggestions.
The biggest indicator of whether colon hydrotherapy will become a longer-term health adjunct in someone’s life is their degree of compliance with suggested lifestyle changes.
A good client does not expect miracles from a single treatment or even a short series of treatments (although often symptomatic relief from a presenting condition is swift and dramatic). Rather they adopt a more patient, longer-term attitude. They are educable, as am I, about the nature of their elimination and digestive issues. We co –create a way forward, with colonics being the mechanical means, and heart and being of service being the soulful element.
When that almost prayerful attitude occurs (and it happens quite often) I know there’s a good client (and the client knows there’s a good therapist). It’s a fit.
WLC Wahanda page: http://www.wahanda.com/place/west-london-colonics/
See Julia Rhodes profile on Wahanda http://www.wahanda.com/pro/westlondoncolonics/details/
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Simple for me.. a client that can and does RELAX and enjoy their treatment :)
a good practitioner
Being a make-up artist, personally I think that a good client is someone who is open-minded and prepared to look better than usual, they are willing to accept change are genuinely interested in enhancing their appearance by using a little make-up. A good client is also someone who is full of questions and wants to learn more and then ultimately going onto practise what I have taught them.
As a hairdresser i think a good client is someone who can explain exactly what they want and doesn't move around to much. A good client will trust you with their hair 100%.
Excellent question!
From my perspective as an NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist, a good client is someoone who is motivated to achieve a change. It can be a change in behaviour, a change in outlook, a change in feelings, of mind or body, but basically someone who wants to change something and who is prepared to consider doing something differently in order to achieve that change.
Having an attitude of curiosity, a preparedness to suspend judgement and simply look into what's going on at the moment, enables a person to see how they are getting their present results (the thing they want to change) and that is an excellent place from which to move on and investigate the possibilities for change.
When someone is able to see new possibilities, the process of change has already begun, and making new choices becomes possible and achievable.
So to sum up, a good client is an open minded client who is prepared to consider new possibilities, to weigh them up and then to take action to achieve the change they want. This attitude is what enables people to achieve an important change.
Hope that's useful, and thanks for the question!

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