Hairdressers and hair salons

Hair salons come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you prefer to splurge on regular hair appointments or like to chop and change to suit your location and your budget, one thing is for certain - we all need a good trim every so often and a hair salon is the place to do it.
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Haircuts and Hairdressing

Never underestimate the power of a great haircut. Whether you're after a bob, layers or a buzzcut, using a combination of scissors, razorblades and even clippers, your hairdresser will help you to find your perfect look.

Blow Dry

Universally known as every girl's best friend, a salon blowdry uses a hairdryer to apply hot air to damp hair, leaving it soft, silky and frizz-free. Great for every hair type, a bouncy blowdry can transform your look in under 20 minutes, allowing you to achieve a texture that's near impossible with air or natural drying alone.

Hair Colouring and Highlights

Hair colouring can be as subtle or as out there as you want it to be. Best done in salon with a skilled colourist, blondes can go blonder, brunettes can be boosted, greys can be covered, or enhanced with a spot of granny hair. Not to mention every crazy colour from pink to blue to green can be achieved in the right hands.

Brazilian Blow Dry Keratin

The Brazilian blow dry is the answer you need to fight back frizzy hair caused by the British weather! If you are looking for a semi permanent way to smooth and nourish your hair, this straightening keratin hair treatment is for you- also no more lengthy blow dry sessions needed for up to 4 months, who’s in?


Low maintenance and easy to grow out, Balayage and Ombre will allow you to boost your hair colour with less commitment than traditional highlights. Balayage gives a carefree, sun-kissed effect to all hair colours and ombre an edgier, urban, grown out effect.

Hair Extensions

If you dream of bouncy, bountiful hair but struggle to grow it past your shoulders, or need a bit of voluminous va-va-voom, put down the supplements. Why wait months for results when you could have them in an instant with extensions?

Hair salons come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some cater to high end hair cuts, and others for your no-fuss, in and out cut and blow-dry. Whether you prefer to splurge on regular hair appointments with a high profile stylist, or like to chop and change to suit your location and your budget, one thing is for certain - we all need a good trim every so often and a hair salon is the place to do it.

Lots of salons specialise in a particular look or a style of cutting so it's wise to do a bit of research into the salon first. If they have a portfolio, be sure to have a flick through it to see what style they tend to work to. This is a smart way to avoid leaving your hairdressers with a look you don't want.

If you're one of the many people that book into their local hairdressers for a weekly blow-dry then you'll know how therapeutic it can be. Not only do you emerge with a head of effortlessly styled, glossy hair, you also get a blissful half an hour of uninterrupted me-time to break up that hectic work schedule. If you like to get the most out of your salon visit, why not indulge in a little retail therapy? Many salons now carry an impressive range of products, and will treat you to far more than just a trim. From artisan coffees to killer cocktails and even creches for children, today's hairdressers are quickly adapting to their client's needs, offering a large selection of add-ons to help turn your visit into a pampering experience, and far more than just your run of the mill haircut.

But let's not forget your reliable local hairdressers, the ones who come rain or shine are guaranteed to get the job done, without the bows and ribbons. If swanky salons aren't your thing, there are plenty of hairdressers up and down the country that will give you a great haircut without the extra pomp and price tag. Regardless of the type of the hairdressers you choose, what's going to keep you coming back time after time is your stylist. So when you find a good one, hold onto them!

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Mermaid hair

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Can your hair handle your workout? All that flipping, flopping and general bouncing around can do some serious damage if you’re not sporting (get it?) a style that suits your workout. From power plaits to stealth buns and bootcamp-proof braids; here’s eight fresh ways to wear your hair next time you hit the gym. Just.Do.It.


It’s time to go bleached or go home. The latest colour trends are in and blonde is about to get even blonder. Let beautiful shades of ice white, creamy beige and platinum wash over you in time for spring. All you need now is the attitude to match. #BlondeAmbition.

Other tempting treatments


From tanning to exfoliation treatments, mud wraps to massages, if you're looking to treat your body to some serious pampering, booking into a beauty salon is the first step in your journey to utter relaxation.


If you're searching for the perfect facial, many beauty salons offer a range of treatments that cater to your complexion. Filled with expertly trained staff to get to the bottom of any skin issue, booking in for a facial is an important first step to getting your skin back on track.

Hair removal

Do you know your Brazilian from your Hollywood wax? Or the best way to rid your body of unwanted hair for good? Whether you're looking for long-term results or are content with your monthly wax sessions, a hair removal salon will cater to all your body hair needs under one roof.


Tense, tight, muscles call for a massage. In the right hands your aches and pains can be massaged away within minutes. If you can’t seem to kick sore shoulders and aching joints, you need to get yourself to a massage salon, asap.


Nail bars are the best. Go in feeling drab and un-groomed and come out looking like a million dollars. Yes, whether it's a quick shape and tidy, a full on set of acrylics or a bold, neon pedi, nail salons have the power to transform your nails, and lift your mood.