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Sure, the silver-fox look is sexy on many celebrities – but in reality, the outlook can be much greyer. Whether you’re in need of years taking off or you’re simply after a fresh colour fix, there’s plenty of places out there that deliver hair to dye for.

What you can expect

Once you’re in the salon, your colourist will greet you and get you seated. You’ll be asked what you’re looking for from your colour, and once you’ve both decided on the shade of success, the colourist will start applying the dye onto your hair. This will then be left on to let it work its magic – cue some guilty-pleasure magazine reading or kicking back with a good old cuppa. Once the time is up, your colorist will be back to check on your barnet before you’re taken to get the colour washed out. Depending on what you’ve booked in for, you’ll then either get a cut or your hair will be dried and styled to perfection.

Know before you go

*You may need to do a patch test prior to having your hair dyed, so check in with your salon before booking in. *Come prepared and bring in pictures of what you’d like your colour to look like – visuals will give your colourist a much better idea of what shade you’re hoping to leave the salon with. *Arrive with unwashed hair as the colour will be able to penetrate your hair shaft way more easily. Step away from the conditioner…

The sciencey stuff

So, what causes grey hair to make such an unwelcome appearance? As with most things, it’s mainly down to age. As we get older, the pigment cells in our hair follicles gradually die. When there are fewer pigment cells in a hair follicle, that strand of hair contains less melanin and turns a more transparent color – i.e. grey or white. Stress, genetics and lifestyle can also play a part in the suspicious arrival of any silvers.

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