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Tense, tight, muscles call for a massage. In the right hands your aches and pains can be massaged away within minutes. If you can’t seem to kick sore shoulders and aching joints, you need to get yourself to a massage salon, asap.
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Massage Parlours, Massage Therapists, Masseurs, Masseuses

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Deep Tissue Massage

If you're suffering from tensions and aches that cannot be solved by a classic Swedish massage then a deep tissue massage might be the answer you're looking for! During a deep tissue massage, the pressure is stronger and concentrated on the problematic area which might lead to a little bit of discomfort. It is worth it though as it helps alleviate the pain in the long term!

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most popular massage there is. It's a classic that will give you all the relaxation you need! 5 types of strokes make up the massage, the pressure can be as light or as firm as you like and it is perfect for unknotting your whole body and make you feel as light as a feather!

Therapeutic Massage

If you're stressed or have chronic pain and tension, a therapeutic massage may help to alleviate the pain; be it a back or abdominal massage, it will improve your physical condition and help you relax.

Thai Massage

Contrary to the Swedish massage, a Thai massage compresses and stretches your body rather than using strokes. During your massage you will remain fully clothed and the massage therapist will apply pressure on various points, loosening your muscles and alleviating joints pain. It isn't called 'lazy yoga' for nothing!

Aromatherapy Massage

Feeling burnt out? If you’ve been running on empty, an aromatherapy massage could be just what you need to recharge your batteries. Essential oils can do everything from energise to de-stress or re-invigorate as well as fight common aches and pains, leaving you relaxed, limber and totally chilled out.

Sports Massage

When it comes to stretching, even the most diligent of gym bunnies are bound to run into the odd muscle pain from time to time. Whether you favour high intensity exercise or the lighter exertion of yoga, all that working up a sweat can get your limbs and ligaments seriously knotted up. The solution? Enter the sports massage.

Turkish Bath

A Turkish bath session takes place in traditional baths, and is a ritualistic experience that involves an intense massage, followed by a sudsy scrub down and full body exfoliation. A perfect way to refresh and rejuvenate, Turkish baths are said to promote good health through massage and heat therapy.

Tense, tight, muscles call for a massage. If you can't seem to kick sore shoulders and aching joints, you need to get yourself over to a massage salon, asap. In the right hands your post-workout knots or desk-induced back ache can be massaged away within minutes. From intense pressure-point massages designed to penetrate the lower layers of muscle, to a calming aromatherapy session to help you unwind, a good massage therapist should leave you feeling limber, restored and utterly relaxed. And don't worry if you're pregnant or suffer from an injury, there's plenty of massage techniques that will work for you. Your therapist is trained to tailor the experience to your individual needs.

Any well trained massage therapist will know how to get to the route of your aches and pains, but they should always discuss your goals for the massage, the intensity and the areas of tension you'd like them to focus on before they start. It's possible to personalise your massage by selecting certain aromatherapy oils to relax, soothe or de-stress your mind and body. Massages aren't just designed to knead away pain, they also make for the most luxurious of treats you know.

The minute you step into the massage salon you should feel yourself starting to relax instantly. Tranquil music, calming decor and an a real sense of zen help to sweep over your senses, all this before you've even got into the treatment room! Whether you're dashing in for an express massage on your lunch break, or treating yourself to a 90 minute session, your massage therapist should ensure you feel relaxed and comfortable from start to finish. Some treatments are performed while sitting up in a specially designed massage chair, while others are done in a traditional massage bed. Regardless of which massage you choose, the relaxing end result should always be the same!

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Other tempting treatments


From tanning to exfoliation treatments, mud wraps to massages, if you're looking to treat your body to some serious pampering, booking into a beauty salon is the first step in your journey to utter relaxation.


If you're searching for the perfect facial, many beauty salons offer a range of treatments that cater to your complexion. Filled with expertly trained staff to get to the bottom of any skin issue, booking in for a facial is an important first step to getting your skin back on track.


Hair salons come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you prefer to splurge on regular hair appointments or like to chop and change to suit your location and your budget, one thing is for certain - we all need a good trim every so often and a hair salon is the place to do it.

Hair removal

Do you know your Brazilian from your Hollywood wax? Or the best way to rid your body of unwanted hair for good? Whether you're looking for long-term results or are content with your monthly wax sessions, a hair removal salon will cater to all your body hair needs under one roof.


Nail bars are the best. Go in feeling drab and un-groomed and come out looking like a million dollars. Yes, whether it's a quick shape and tidy, a full on set of gel nails or a bold, acrylic mani, nail salons have the power to transform your nails, and lift your mood!