Hand Massage

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Treat your paws to a little pampering. A hand massage is an easy and quick way to relax and de-stress. Often given at the end of a manicure, or as a 10-minute session on its own, it's an ideal way to enjoy massage if you are bashful about taking your clothes off or simply pushed for time.

How does it work?

A hand massage can be done with you lying down or sitting. The massage can be performed with either oil or lotion - you might want to request lotion if you will need to use your hands immediately afterwards or things will be slipping through your fingers. Your masseuse will then use his or her palms, thumbs and knuckles to knead your hands using a variety of different techniques. These include stretching the muscles of your wrist, fingers and palm, using friction to warm the skin and loosen up your hand, using gliding pressure to release tension and working the joints of your hand to limber them up. When the massage is finished your hand will feel warm, relaxed and tingling.

On average, a hand massage will take between 10 and 30 minutes to do both hands. Your masseuse may ask you questions about what you do for a living, so that he or she can tailor the massage to your needs - for example if you work with heavy machinery, your hands might be in need of a lot more TLC.

Is it for me?

Hand massage is often given in bars and offices by visiting massage therapists, so it's a perfect 'taster' if you're not sure if you're comfortable with being touched by strangers. It's also great if you like to keep your hands soft and supple because during the course of the massage, the oil or lotion will nourish your skin and the massage itself will keep your fingers nimble.

Musicians, typists and people who do a lot of manual work will love the way a hand massage can leave their mitts feeling refreshed.

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