Lymphatic Drainage

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Avoid that dazed and confused feeling by keeping a clear head. A Lymphatic Drainage Facial focuses on cleaning out all those fluid pathways under your skin that get clogged up with metabolic waste, excess water, toxins and bacteria – lovely! Because lymph flow aids the removal of these waste products, pressure in the face and head can be relieved, stopping tension headaches and sinus problems, so if you’re sick of having a snively nose this could banish that bunged-up feeling for good.

Lymphatic drainage can also help to de-puff sore and swollen eyes and unblock clogged pores that lead to spotty skin, despite the fact you went through puberty years ago.

How it works

Lymph flow can be stimulated via a manual hands-on massage or by using suction cups. The latter involves small glass applicators being placed onto your face which then very gently lift the skin. Although the principle sounds similar to cupping, there is no heating of the glass and the glass cups move over the skin working in the direction of the lymph vessels as opposed to remaining stationary on the skin.

A relaxing treatment, you will feel gentle, rhythmic massage movements as the cups work their magic and get that lymph flow going. By breaking up protein nuggets and stimulating the blood flow, it also helps to deliver oxygen and essential nutrients to the body more effectively.

From the very first treatment you should be able to see visible results, so expect to feel a surge of excitement as you skip out of the treatment room glowing and showing off a clearer complexion, even skin tone, puff-free and sparkly eyes and no nose drips anywhere in sight, if only someone would have told us about this when we were teenagers!

Is it for me?

Although manual lymphatic drainage massage has the same outcome, this treatment uses less pressure on the muscles which is why it's such an effective treatment for the face. It can also stimulate the lymph nodes under bone structures and generate quicker results as it provides immediate blockage relief.

If you suffer with problem skin, fluid retention, stress and dehydration, this treatment will help to build up collagen fibres, rid you of excess fluids and enhance your facial contouring, so you’ll no longer become victim to a bloated face that makes you look like you’ve spent days gorging on pie and chips.

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