Did frequent massage session really lose your weight?

Is frequent massage able to lose body weight?
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Can I be controversial and say that massage can aid in a weight loss programme?
Here's the reasons why:
1. abdominal massage. A bloated abdomen can become flatter (not a six pack!) with massage as the mechanical action of working on the small and large intestine can help shift impacted waste matter and fermentation gas. Of course colonic irrigation can be more effective but massage can definitely help in eliminating toxic waste.
2. lymphatic drainage. Water is quite heavy and when you reduce water retention (for example caused by excessive sugar and salt in the diet) you end up weighing a bit less. Lymphatic drainage works on the lymphatic nodes and vessels to move excess liquids and toxins away from the tissues.
3. deep tissue on cellulite-prone areas. With the mechanical action of deep pressure combined with heat-producing friction you can break down fatty deposits for easier elimination.
Of course all of the above must be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise.
From experience, I have found that the renewed self-esteem that my clients have had by receiving regular massage treatments have made them more determined and focused to lose weight.


The key word here is "AID" must experts here have agreed it can aid weight loss but on its own will not.
To be honest I think what you say is slightly misleading. Yes, massage can reduce water & waste retention but these are not what most people understand by weight loss. After all, you can lose weight by clipping your nails and cutting your hair - but nobody would claim these to be aids to weight loss. .
Richard, I am actually quite offended by your remark, I always give impartial advice and I did not make any exaggerated claims about massage and weight loss.
You said in the opening line of your post that you were going to be controversial - so you can hardly complain if someone challenges you.
Yes, it's good to have healthy digestive and lymphatic systems, and massage definitely helps with that. But in my original answer I referred to such things as 'performance tuning'. Reduction of water & waste retention is not what people generally regard as weight loss - which is what the question was about.
I always welcome a fair exchange of opinions. Being accused of misleading people verges on libel.
Ah, the dangers of words. I'm not accusing you of deliberately trying to mislead people. Perhaps it's a matter of professional style: in the context of a question about weight loss (which for most people means reduction of fat mass) rather than about routes to optimum health, I personally would not choose to answer the way you did. Reading other replies here, it appears that my approach is shared by other therapists who provided answers - something you implicitly acknowledge when you state that you're going to be controversial.
Here are some evidence-based ways to lose belly fat.
Don't Eat Sugar… and Avoid Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Like The Plague. ...
Eating More Protein May be The Best Long-Term Strategy to Reduce Belly Fat. ...
Cut Carbs From Your Diet. ...
for more : http://howtoweightlossaz.com/lose-belly-fat-3-days
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Here are some evidence-based ways to lose belly fat.
Don't Eat Sugar… and Avoid Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Like The Plague. ...
Eating More Protein May be The Best Long-Term Strategy to Reduce Belly Fat. ...
Cut Carbs From Your Diet. ...
for more : http://howtoweightlossaz.com/lose-belly-fat-3-days
Massage is an excellent resource to complement your weight loss efforts.
Do daily massage. It can improves blood circulation in your skin tissue and can help smooth out your skin.Massage can increase blood circulation permitting the body to scrub out the toxins victimization the bodies natural waste system.Massages also to help you reduce cellulite on your thighs and legs fast. Really massage is really good for loose weight.
Hope will help.
Well, scientific trials aside, from my own experience, I would say more inches than weight loss - certainly looser clothes with several clients. I practice the little known art of Deep Lymphatic Therapy which breaks down congested lymph (cellulite?) and improves skin tone. On several occasions, multiple sessions have eradicated indentations (in the flesh) from regular wearing of tight jewelery items or restrictive garments - weight loss along does not have this effect. By breaking down congestion and opening blocked areas of the lymphatic system, DLT helps to release excess tissue fluid (therefore some initial weight) but also helps to restore original body shape more effectively than weight loss along. The toning effect upon the skin also helps in this process.
Apart from the treatment, there are other aspects like gut health, metabolism and attitude to life that all make a difference - it's a lifestyle approach that is required but good massage can contribute significantly to getting feedback from body to brain and therefore provide one of the keys to good health.
I agree with Paola below - massage is a very useful tool in the right hands.


Sorry for typos - have typed 'along' twice instead of 'alone' - oops!
Massage wont help you lost weight. It helps to detox so can help with cellulite but it must be combined with healthy eating / exercise aswell. Clarins do a lymphatic drainage massage called the advance massage which i recommend. Google Clarins Skin Spa to find a local one for you. I think its about £60
As a professional massage therapist, trained in a wide range of massage modalities, I have seen the best weight loss results as a combination of the following:
1. Love the skin you're in (for starters, your body is your temple. Love it as it is and improve it as a journey...)
2. Find about your metabolism and then adjust your daily calorie intake to be 10-15% less.
3. Aerobic activity early in the morning will keep your metabolic rate high all day long, helping you lose much more weight.
Massage is here to bring a wealth of benefits to our bodies and combined with the ones above and a balanced mind, it can deliver great results.
At the end of thed day, a perfect weight is the result of a way of life and all these are just short-term solutions...
no massage does not make the body lose weight, however it can improve the condition of the skin, keeping ti firm, reducing cellulite, fluid retention, stretch marks etc. Massage is a very good treatment to have alongside diet and exercise for weight loss especially if you lose a lot of weight as it will help keep the skin's elasticity and firmness. Also massage will help increase circulation and help remove toxins from the body.
Lymphatic massage will not help with losing weight. Lymphatic drainage helps to detoxify the body so as to encourage the body to get rid of waste, so helping to fight cellulite. Lymphatic massage will also improve the skin pigmentation, boost the immune sytem and help with fluid retention. It is a very gentle and relaxing massage and it can also been done on the face.
I wouldn't say massage helps to lose weight, however it may help improve skin tone and appearance along with a healthy diet and exercise.
I agree with the answers given below.
Excess fat can only be oxidised (burned) in the muscles, liver and other organs, when the body is a calorie deficit mode, i.e when more calories are "burned" than ingested. A calorie deficit can only occur with increased physical activity and/or reduced calorie intake.
Massage does not affect calorie burning or intake, so it can not help with weight loss.
Cellulite-specific massage (quite different to most massages) can help remove superficial fat from the female skin but this fat still has to be burned in the body with exercise and diet, otherwise most of this fat will be redeposited in the body.
So those who look for an easy weight loss method can try liposuction, a guaranteed, yet painful and expensive, fat removal method.
Massage, however, is not a weight loss method.
There is a simple answer to this, and another more complex.
The simple one is - no, regular massage will not cause you to lose weight. No amount of treatments will make up for a single slice of chocolate cake! If you want to lose weight (and keep it off) you need to make a permanent lifestyle change that involves eating healthily and getting regular exercise.
Having said which, it must be acknowledged that the body is a complex system, and is not simply a 'organic machine' - it is affected by psychological factors (our beliefs, thoughts and feelings).
Regular massage (especially deep massage) has quite an impact on various sytems of the body. Depending on the nature of the massage and the skills & knowledge of the therapist, it will amongst other things stimulate blood circulation and lymph flow, and improve breathing and digestion - and improvements here will have a beneficial impact on other functions. In effect it is like performance tuning - the body will generally start operating more efficiently.
Many people struggle with dieting and find that the apparently simple equation of 'eat less & exercise more' does not seem to work. Some swear that simply *looking* at a chocolate eclair makes them put on a kilo. This is where psychological factors some in. Perhaps the most well-known example of this is the 'placebo effect' whereby patients given a dummy medicine (normally sugar pills) actually become cured. It actually goes deeper than that, and there are many emotional issues that affect our relationship with our body and determine how it operates. Forms of deep bodywork (body psychotherapy) can help people resolve such issues, and can result in people naturally wanting to eat less and enjoying exercise rather than finding it a chore, discovering that their body is a friend and not an opponent.
Hope that helps!
If the massage is beneficial to your self-esteem, and makes you feel good about yourself and your body, then massage will be helpful; not as a way to lose weight but as a way to help you begin to become more aware of your body and more accepting of your body - acceptance is a way to improve the way you look at yourself and so that can greatly help to lose weight. Many people gain weight due to self-protective issues. When you stop protecting yourself and accept yourself, the weight will start to come off - combined with simple exercise (such as walking) and a balanced diet and eating only until perhaps 80% full. It can also help to disperse toxins from the body and improve circulation and mobility.
Massage has not been proven to be effective for weight loss according to the usual criteria. Before a therapy is called effective, positive results of randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trials conducted by independent laboratoriesmust be published in two or more peer-reviewed publications. And so I cannot say that massage breaks down cellulite or rids the body of toxins that cause weight gain, but massage is self-affirming and definitely relaxing, and by removing stress, it might help you to reach your weight loss goals.
Certainly not on it's own. But frequent massage will make you a more relaxed person, not so liable to comfort eat for whatever reason, so it could definitely help. Massage does tone up the muscles and help remove toxins from the body so together with a healthy diet and exercise it could probably contribute to weight loss.