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Question: I am looking for volunteers to try my new massage technique, Wood Therapy !

Asked by AAponte

12 answers

Hi my name is Ariadna ,owner of Home Body Therapy, a massage company based in Shooters Hill ( South London area) and I am looking for volunteers to try my new massage technique, Wood Therapy .
This treatment, exclusive to Home Body Therapy, represents one of the latest advances in massage, which slims and re-defines the body. An established treatment in South America, it uses ergonomically designed, hand-crafted wooden devices to encourage microcirculation, eliminating water retention and cellulite. This surgery-free treatment offers impressive results and a less drastic and more natural method to retain or regain the figure.

Cellulite Treatments, Body Exfoliation Treatments, Weight Loss Treatments, Deep Tissue Massage

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I would like to try it!

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If you are still interested on trying this new technique , please could you send me your details, including weight,lifestyle etc to Looking forward to hear form you, Ariadna

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IF your treatment is that good you should have no trouble getting volunteers, how about a short film showing us the treatment so we can see the new massage techniques. GOOD LUCK

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Hi Andy, hopefully I will be posting some pictures and videos of the treatment! Thank you for your wishes. Regards Ariadna


Hi there,

I would be interested im 13 weeks pregnant- would this be an option still? Is it completely free?


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Hi Melly

The treatment is completly free, could you email me some general information about yourself at Kind regards Ariadna


Thank you all for your answers, but none of you have really reply to my question. I am not advertising the reduction of cellulite in any way or try to show how good this treatment is. I have been working as a massage therapist for the last 10 years and mainly focusing in weigh loss and helping both women and men to retain or regain their figure. As many of us know that in order to help the reduction of cellulite we need to study the cause. Many researches done arounf the world agree that cellulite massage can do cellulite reduction but it cannot be considered as the cure for any skin condition. To make treatment more effective, cellulite massage is often combined with certain diet plan along with regular physical workout such as physical exercises.

That is why I am looking for volunteers to try this new innovative and revolutionary treatment that has been used in South America for more than 20 years!

We need as therapist to be open to new ideas and support each other and encourages the public about the infinites benefits of all Massage treatment available.

I will soon post photos and videos to share with all of you this new technique!

Thank you :0)


Thank you...I would love to be a volunteer for your massage. Firstly, I am in need of some massage & secondly, I, too, have brought BEMER Therapy to London and despite the fact that Bemer is an exceptionally well-tested, scientifically-proven medical device from Germany, it has been an uphill battle to get people here to just accept that this therapy-form can actually do what is said. So, maybe we can benefit each other as well!! Contact me on 07530248161.
Kathy of BEMER Health Centre, 3 Station Approach, Worcester Park KT4 7NB.

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Hi Kathy, Thank you for your email! It could be nice if you can Email me your details and perhaps arrange a visit to my therapy room. I would love to know more about your therapy!, Best wishes Ariadna


Hello! My name is Anna. I would like to try your massage and to be your volunteer. That sound very interesting to try something new. If you still looking for a volunteer,please contact me on 07594359030. Thank you.

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Hi Anna, Thank you for you interest on my new treatment, could you email me some general info about you, including weight,height, lifestyle etc> I will then send you all the basic information about the treatment and availabilities, Kind regards Ariadna


Hi Arianda, I woud definately be willing to volunteer, as a therapist I too feel it important to be open to new concepts whilst also dismissing those that lack credibility. If you still need volunteers please let me know.


Hi Ariadna, If you're still looking for volunteers I would love to apply. I also live in South London and can think of at least 2 or 3 friends who would happily commit too.

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Hi , Thanks for your interest ! Could you please send me your details to I will then email you all the general information about the treatment, location and availability! Looking forward to hear from you
Best wishes Ariadna


I would be interested in volunteering if you still need volunteers.


I can be your volunteer. Please contact me a.s.a.p.


Hi Ariadna,
I suffer from lipoedema and although i have kept it under control it is a daily strugle. Iwould be very interested on trying any new therapy as you might already know, very little is known about what works for my condition.
Please let me know if you still need volunteers.
Many thanks

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