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Damn those dimples. Cellulite can be described as superficial fatty deposits that collect and sit beneath the top layer of the skin. These fat cells that collect are divided up by connective tissue made of collagen which eventually hardens and contracts, creating an unattractive and uneven lumpy, bumpy surface.

Annoyingly, the stubborn ripples are most common in women while men seem to get away scot free. Why? Because women have a thin layer of skin and they store their fat almost right beneath the top skin layer, whereas men have thicker skin and store their fat slightly further beneath the skin's top layer, making it harder to spot.

It doesn't matter whether you are overweight, thin or healthy, cellulite effects nine in ten women. Common causes include:

*Genetics - Cellulite tends to run in the family, so if you're looking for someone to blame, blame your grandmother. It is perhaps for that reason why healthy, thin women who exercise regularly have pockets of trapped fat.

*Female Hormones - Cellulite has been strongly related to women's higher circulating levels of estrogen, which encourages fat cells to develop and grow around the breasts, thighs, and buttocks.

*Poor Diet - Your diet plays a very important role in the development of cellulite. Overindulging in alcohol, caffeine, rich fatty and starchy foods can quickly increase your cellulite situation, so go easy on the biscuit tin.

*Lack of exercise - Exercising increases your blood flow and aids in the removal of wastes. Plus building up the muscle in the back of the leg and in the buttocks can help hide the appearance of cellulite.

*Ageing - Unfortunately, as we age the top layer of the skin that covers the subcutis layer becomes thin, making the lumpy fatty deposits more visible from the surface.

*Smoking - Not only can smoking give you lung cancer, heart disease and bad breath but it restricts blood flow to the capillaries under your skin. This creates a sluggish circulation system which allows cellulite tissues to build up.

*Lack of Water - Water is the key to removing all those nasty toxins and waste from your body. Water is a natural diuretic and reduces liquid retention. If your body lacks water it is likely that cellulite will appear.

How does it work?

There are dozens of different forms of cellulite treatments and some are more effective than others, from rollers and wraps to computer aided cosmetology instruments. Although it’s difficult to completely get rid of cellulite, you can reduce the appearance and help prevent any more stubborn dimples from appearing ever again.

Cellulite treatments are more often than not pain-free, such as Mesotherapy which involves multiple injections using a very fine needle. Sounds scary, but it’s a fast, effective technique and reported as feeling like a pinch of the skin. Other treatments, such as lymphatic drainage massage, are somewhat more of an indulgence but can take several sessions before you notice the dimples reduce.

Most often, your treatment will take place in a private treatment room. Treatment times vary enormously – anything from a thirty-minute body wrap to a two hour lymphatic drainage massage session.

Is it for me?

Tackling those stubborn lumps and bumps can be a pain in the buttocks. Nine in ten women suffer from the appearance of cellulite and although there are a number of natural ways to tackle the stubborn dimples such as exercise and a good diet, not everyone has the patience.

So, if you're looking for a safe and effective way to banish those dreadful sags then there is no shortage of cellulite busters, which can be found in most beauty salons or spas. Here are some of the most popular wonder-treatments:

*[[treatment/endermologie-lipo-massage| Lipo Massage]] - This anti-cellulite treatment uses rollers and light suction to smooth away those dimples in your skin and encourage blood flow and lymphatic drainage in problem areas.

*[[treatment/body-wraps| Body Wraps]] - Wraps are used to condition the skin, remove toxins, shed excess fluid, improve circulation, reduce the appearance of cellulite and boost your lymphatic system and metabolism.

*[[treatment/acoustic-wave-therapy| Acoustic Wave Therapy]] - This therapy aims to smooth out the skin using sound waves to tackle the collagen and fat reserves that cause cellulite, leaving your body smooth and silky.

*[[treatment/microcurrent| Microcurrent Body Treatment]] - This is a healing and anti-ageing treatment that stimulates the cells of your body using a mild electrical current to shed waste products from the body and strengthen the structure of your cells to leave you with firmer, smoother skin.

*[[treatment/ultrasound-therapy| Ultrasound Therapy]] - This term refers to sound waves of high frequency. When the sound waves come into contact with the skin, it vibrates both the skin and the underlying tissue cells which gently heats up and breaks down the pockets of fat.

*[[treatment/lymphatic-drainage-massage| Lymphatic Drainage]] - This is a form of massage which stimulates the body's lymphatic system helping to eliminate toxins and waste which causes the appearance of cellulite. This treatment will help you feel less sluggish and slow.

*[[treatment/mesotherapy| Mesotherapy]] - This treatment involves injecting small amounts of conventional or homoeopathic medication and/or vitamins just under the skin surface to improve circulation and dissolve fat, it a great way to reduce cellulite fast.

Good to know

Wearing tight fitting underwear that has a tight elastic across the buttocks limits blood circulation, encouraging cellulite to form, so make sure you invest in some big loose pants.

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