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Cellulite is a real pain in the buttocks. You can spend hours sweating away in the gym but those stubborn bumps just won’t budge. Don’t worry, you’re not alone; nine in ten women suffer from cellulite in some form. Luckily, there are plenty of options to help roll, wrap and zap those unruly blemishes away.

What to expect?

They say cellulite can never be completely eliminated, but with so many effective treatments out there, you can get pretty damn close. The best part? Most procedures are painless, making that transition from dimpled to smooth a whole lot easier. What you can expect from the process totally depends on the treatment, but regardless of what you pick, you will likely start by having a chat with your therapist. Time to go get that silky, soft skin!

Massage and Wraps

Probably the most relaxing and natural way to lose the lumps. Lipo Massage uses rollers and light suction, gently encouraging blood flow and lymphatic drainage in those problem areas. Body wraps work in a similar way, helping the body to sweat out excess fluids and improve circulation to flatten pesky bumps.


Soundwaves are so hot right now. Acoustic Wave and Ultrasound Therapy both use vibrating sound waves to heat up fatty deposits, breaking them down and shift them on. Microcurrent Body Treatment uses a mild (mild being the keyword) electrical current to shed waste products, leaving your cells stronger and your skin smoother. It’s shockingly simple!


If you’re looking for a speedy solution, you can always turn to the needle. Mesotherapy uses a combination of homeopathic medication and vitamins, injected just under the skin, to dissolve fat and reduce cellulite fast. Tiny needles and quick, the procedure is close to painless and the results speak for themselves.

The sciencey stuff

Annoyingly, the stubborn ripples are most common in women, while men seem to get away scot free. Why? Because women have a thin layer of skin and they store fat almost right beneath the top skin layer, whereas men have thicker skin and store their fat slightly further beneath the skin's top layer, making it harder to spot. How unfair.

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