My mum is 60 and I would like to treat her to a cellulite massage. What do you recommend?

She will be here for 10 days. Can she have a course of it ? Short one. No other medical problems.
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If you wanted to try a results driven treatment for cellulite you could try a micro-needling treatment, such as Dermaroller. It involves a roller with lots of small needles on being rolled on the skin to encourage collagen production and therefore smooth and tone the skin.


Where is this done. Is there any centre doing it near Hampshire . If u could suggest me some names. Thanks,
Search Treatwell for Cellulite Treatments near you
You should do exercise at least 45 minutes.
Eating a healthy diet is very important for your Skin.
cellulite is natural creams that also very good for skin.It is similar to the skins natural cream.
Hope will help.Cellulite Creams
I offer specific anti-cellulite sessions, £65 for one hour, and a discounted rate of £60 for a course of 6. It includes massage and acupuncture to remove toxins, firm the tissue and to reduce water retention in the whole body.
Please get in touch on 07886308715, or email
My first available slot is tomorrow at 2pm,
I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you for all your suggestions. Does bioslimming help with lymphatic drainage also. Can you suggest me some places in Hampshire in and around Southampton or portsmouth that does this.


Hi Jish-07. Thank you for your question. Yes Bioslimming will help with Lymphatic drainage. Bioslimming has been scientifically formulated to target appearance of cellulite, detox, burn fat and reduce inches as well as enhancing weight loss. Clients notice a difference of up to 47% reduction in cellulite appearance following first treatment and up to 67% after 4 weeks during clinical trials. Another great feature of Bioslimming is that there is a homecare kit - Bioslimming Trio - which accelerates, enhances and maintains the salon treatment, it can also be used on its own to produce great results when targeting cellulite appearance, fat burning and inch loss. Due to the fact that Bioslimming uses high levels of active ingredients, essential oils, marine extracts it has a host of additional therapeutic benefits. The closest salon to Hampshire is Ultimate Beauty, GU8 6HR, their website is Please feel free to get in touch if I can help answer any other questions, you can contact me at Also you may like have a look on the website is currently being updated so please check back regulary to see latest updates. You will also be able to see some of the latest reviews of the treatment. Hope this has helped.
Where are you based? Our Bodylean clinics offer Body Spa treatments that are fantastic for combating cellulite.
We are in Spain but I would recomment UCW - Universal Contour Wrap this is the only treatment that is scientifily proven and was devised to detox kidney patience - cellulite is toxins. Toxins - i.e. Cellulite removed inches are lost. This works a course of 3 are recommended check out the web site. they are also in many countries.
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Skin Solutions Espania
We have an Ultrasonic RF. Vacuum Cavitation Machine which dissolves fat and cellulite with ease its a non surgical procedure with no pain and no down time.
See our website for further details or call 01442 258862
We offer cellulite treatments by way of massage, body wrapping and on the ultratone sp20 and if you buy 3 treatments you receive 1 free.
Hope this helps
yes we can help, we do cellulite massage or have another system that has good results to, also a body wrap can help. We do short courses so if you buy 3 treatments you will receive 1 free.
Hope this helps
Princess Soraya Salon
38 Rosemont Road,
London NW3 6NE
M; 07802 783 462
--We can do a combination of Cellulite treatments which consist of the following:
If you prepay for the course, I can do 10% Cash discount on the Grand Total.
1--Electronic Massage with InfraRed heat treatment: help with fat, cellulite and
circulation, Lymph Draniage Price: £35 30mins
2--Technique used for 50 years in France, Belgium (Not UK).
Draws out toxins which is trapped toxins stuck between fat.
Celulite will visibly reduce and client sees the toxins after it ends.
Duration: 1 hour, Results: fantastic Price:£89
At present I am the Only Salon in UK doing this technique.
How Does Ionocinesis Work?
This gentle treatment consists of applying 2 small electrodes, which are then connected to a special electrical generator. The generator produces low intensity ( non-toxic) regulated electric fields in combination with Bio Activated Organic Silicium as a conducting solution. The body becomes a conductor of the electrical current; a movement of ions is then activated by this current. Positive or negative ions can be removed or introduced in the body, and each organ can be deeply and directly stimulated to detoxify.
You lie down and relax during the application, which generally lasts only 30 to 60 minutes. A slight sensation may be noticed but it is not painful. The toxins eliminated can be seen when the application ends, and there is a general feeling of well being afterwards.
Please tel me on: 07802 783 462 if you need information
that will not work do skin brushing


I have to strongly disagree with your comment that it won't work. Bioslimming is a very effective product which has been proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite.
I would be interested in hearing where you had a Bioslimming treatment on which you have based your judgement.