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Weigh up your options. Back in the olden days the only way to lose a few pounds was to cut back on your eating and exercise more. There are now dozens of weight loss treatments out there, all different yet all promising the same thing: shedding the pounds with minimal effort. Treatments include weight loss therapy using the latest technology, detoxifying body wraps and exercise classes aimed specifically at fast weight loss.

How Does It work?

*'''The Science Bit'''

Scientists are promising us that we can get rid of our fat, without having to resort to painful plastic surgery or tiring exercise. New technology is all about manipulating your body so that the weight that is normally the last to come off (like your thighs, bum and stomach) comes off first. It does this in a variety of ways depending on which treatment you choose to use. Vacunaut technology, for example, encourages blood flow to the lower regions of the body which helps your body to use the fatty deposits which can be hard to shift with normal exercise. Certain machines, such as Power Plates can also contract and relax your muscles as if you’re doing exercise whilst you just lie there. This is called electro stimulation and is very popular for obvious reasons – not that we’re lazy of course…

*'''The Mummy Effect - Body Wraps'''

There are also a number of weight loss treatments at your local salon, which don’t involve machines that look like they’re from a science fiction movie. Weight loss wraps claim to shrink a minimum of six inches per treatment, as well as smoothing out skin and reducing cellulite. Wraps encourage your body to remove excess water, therefore inches can be lost quickly and the result is immediate but short lasting. Regular treatments can result in smoother skin with less cellulite.

*'''Sweating It Out'''

The old tried and tested routine of exercise and healthy eating has also been revolutionised for our busy routines with health farms, boot camps and unique exercise classes available all over the country. Losing weight through exercise is the natural (yet slow) way to do it. However, personal trainers have now come up with a number of exercises that can help you lose the weight quicker, or target the areas of your body that you dislike the most. Quick weight loss regimes include boot camps, spinning classes or sessions on a Power Plate. The exercises are also devised to target your whole body with cardiovascular workouts and are done in groups for greater motivation.

Is It For Me?

As there are so many options for weight loss available it is best to shop around and find the right treatment or exercise group for the result you want. For those on a budget the new technology options may not be right for you as sessions can prove costly, and for visible results you need to attend at least 12 sessions. Body wraps and [[seasonal/spa-detox-and-fitness-deals/|detox treatments]] show immediate results, but those inches don’t stay off for long. These treatments are ideal if you’ve got a special occasion coming up and need to lose a few inches quickly but not for those with long term weight loss goals.

Exercise classes and gym sessions are the cheapest way to lose weight, however they are a lot of hard work as you tend to be pushing your body to its limit. So for those who prefer to have a more relaxed work out it’s best to stick to something like swimming or a dance class and work on losing the weight slowly. Alternatively, if you need a full lifestyle makeover, a detox or fitness programme might be what you need – a holiday with the added benefit of learning all about health, nutrition and fitness.

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