How do you get ready for bikini season and loss those last few pounds?

Asked by isabellewahanda

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there are several ways to achieve that but mainly it will have to be an intelligent combination of nutrition, toning up and aerobic exercises.
It will also dipends on which areas you want to loose weight. Pilates is very good with toning up specific “bikini” areas : helping to trim your waist, flatten your abs, tone up your bum and reduce those “saddlebags” hips.
Hope this help
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Hi Isabelle
You can combine Kinesiology and Nutrition to get "your body's answer" as to what whould work best. With muscle testing we can test what resonates with your body and what does not. Cutting out carbs, or eating salad, and other alternatives work for some but not for everyone as your body and its systems are unique. And more often than not, those last few pounds are the hardest to loose - seemingly no matter how hard we try. Emotional triggers and barries often make it harder, and in my experience simply altering the nutritional and physical side does not do the trick. You need to find the balance in all the levels, and enjoy what you do, because eating food or doing an exercise you don't enjoy just isn't worth it.
I suggest you find a Nutritional Kinesiologist, or even try EFT. The quick and easy results will make you laugh!
Let me know if you need more info =)
Kind regards, and good luck!
Hi Isabelle. I treat people for stubborn fat areas with ultrasound cavitation. Sometimes through diet and exercise we cant rid ourselves of certain fatty areas eg stomach, thighs, back fat, love handles and saddle bags. These are the areas I specialise in. I am doing this treatment for a very special rate at the moment if its the type of thing you may be interested in as perfect for getting into bikini. Good luck with your weight loss.
Dear isabellewahanda,
if you are going to lose weight, you have to know the ideal body weight for your body frame and set a target that is safe and healthy. i use calorie controlled method that is based on semi formular diet in managing weight loss for my clients. what this mean is that you can eat any kind of food you are comfortable with but you will not exceed your calculated daily calorie intake and you will step up your metabolism by at least one hour of daily exercise .
This method use diet and exercise therapies in weight loss treatment. i use my website (WWW.DIETMONGER.COM)facilities in conjunction with my treatment and it offer you free diet and fitness profile and will create a personalised diet sheet based on your weight goal.this diet sheet will specify the amount of food to eat based on your daily activities in achieving your target and will also calculate your personalised and unique daily calorie intake,it will also calculate your ideal body weight ;body frame size and other diet information.
i believe this will put control in your hand in setting your diet program and you can actually manage the program yourself.
Please get back to me on the website 's contact page if you need any guidance or clarifications.


Cut out refined carbohydrates , only eat low GL type ! Up your protein intake and lower your carbs, eat plenty of healthy fats , avacados, nuts seeds etc! Eat only when your hungry and dont eat when your not! eat slowly chew your food properly and finish when you are pleasantly satisfied, try to get past the habit of emptying your plate let your stomach tell you when you have had enough! Intensity is the key when it comes to losing weight, do interval training with sprints or rowing machine. Resistance training is also a must but low weights high reps a waste of time again intensity is the key, forget the fat burn zone it a load of rubbish.
Mix resistance with cardio, example a set of resistance trainig followed by 2mins cardio 30sec hard 30 secs easy the back to resistance and use compound exercises eg multi joint exercises like squats, bench press, shoulder press, latpulldowns etc! Watch the amount your drinking after all alcohol is virtually pure carbs! goo d luck