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Firming body treatment, 

Slimming body treatment

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Detoxifying and skin-smoothing, a body wrap is a treatment that cocoons your whole body in a mixture of herbs, essential oils and nutrient-rich mud. Expect to be swaddled from the neck to feet in warm cloths, foil or a linen blanket.

In a body wrap your entire body will be cocooned in a mixture of herbs, essential oils and nutrient-rich mud, and then swaddled from neck to feet in warm cloths, foil or a linen blanket. Well known for its detoxifying qualities, this highly relaxing (albeit somewhat extreme) treatment is designed to condition the skin, draw out toxins and shed excess fluid from your bloodstream, while leaving your skin super soft and supple. Also used to aid weight loss and improve cellulite, a body wrap has a host of body healing side effects that many beauty addicts swear by.

It's the perfect treatment to try if you have a special event coming up and are looking to feel lithe and slender in a particularly tight fitting dress. The beauty of the body wrap is that it helps to release excess fluid from your skin, which allows you to instantly (if temporarily) lose inches. It's also thought to improve your circulation which can reduce the appearance of cellulite and boost your lymphatic system and metabolism. So how does it work? Once the mixture has been applied to your skin, your therapist will tightly wrap cloths, foil or plastic around your body - if the therapist is using clothes they can look a little like bandages, and will be wrapped around your arms, legs, torso and neck. The wrap itself is tightly bound to encourage sweating - this boosts the detoxification process of the treatment tenfold. Take note, you'll need to stay wrapped up for between 30 minutes to an hour while the ingredients take effect, so if you suffer from claustrophobia this may not be the treatment for you! Many salons use a foil blanket rather than a traditional bandage approach so don't be put off by this.

Each session will differ from place to place, but in most cases, after the cloths come off, your therapist will give your skin a gentle exfoliating scrub to cleanse and purify your system, and make doubly sure you come out looking fresh as a daisy. Finally, you’ll hop into an invigorating steam shower to remove the mud and then enjoy a good rub down with a nourishing body oil. For longer-term results, your therapist may recommend a course of treatments.

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