How often should I exfoliate my body?

Asked by Missy

2 answers

Rebecca Urban Oasis
If you were going to a Spa for a body wrap or body exfoliation I would recommend once a month. This is more than enough to really refresh and revitalise your skin.
This does depend on how dry your skin is, you could exfoilate at home in between if needed.
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It depends on the condition of your skin, there are loads of body wraps and these all do different things to the body, some have algae which will help firm body contours, Aromatherapy wraps can be tailored to your personal needs or a aroma spa ocean wrap to treat specific needs and last of all you can have a detoxifying seaweed wrap, depending on the condition of your skin you can have these types of treatment whenever your skin or body needs a boost.Hope this helps you , all the best Andys