What kind of body-wrap is best for losing a few inches?

Asked by sjahan

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I'm not sure these work long term. I believe they could be a short term fix before a special occasion. Healthy eating and moderate to vigorous exercise is the only way to losing inches and gaining benefits such as heart health, joint health and confidence.
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Definately shrinking violet I have the clients to vouch for it although it speaks for itself :)
I recommend 3 treatments Endermologie, universal contour wrap find frigi thalgo its cold. Any of these will give result
Universal Contour Wrap is the best comes from the medical profession was devised to detox kidney patience. toxins are trapped between fat take out the toxins UCW will do just this - hence loose inched you can drop a dress size with just 3 wraps would offer you a special price for 3 but I am in Spain :) check out the webb site :)
Hi, i have a body Wrap treatment at Advanced Beauty Solutions,using a natural mixture of seaweed & clay the client is then wrapped in bandages and then cacooned in an infrared blanket .The Infrared heat has so many benefits, detoxing at a cellular level is just one of them!! With this treatment you will lose inches and gain so many other benefits too!
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Georgia (Advanced Beauty Solutions)
Shrinking Violet or check out Actiderm.co.uk as they do an inch loss lipo wrap very similar to Shrinking Violet
Shrinking violet - as far as I am aware the most potent wrap on the market. Professional n,y whereas the It Works mentioned below is home care, See my website under wraps tab
Shrinking Violet is a great product and give lasting inch loss
I have only experience with ItWorks wraps but I do rate them. Obviously I haven't got anything else to compare it to. They are low cost too, usually £20-£25 a wrap.