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Question: Can anyone recommend any good products to help very dry skin all over the body?

Asked by Topdottie 3 years ago

18 answers

My entire body is very rough and dry. I've stopped washing with soaps and some creams have irritated me. I would like advice on the best body creams for dry flaky skin.

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Nipo100 3 years ago

I would prefer to find out what is causing the skin condition rather than just trying to mask it.

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HerbalifeDistributor 3 years ago

At Herbalife, we have a great soothing but also moisturising hand and body lotion, that your skin absorbrs very quickly, not just on the surface, which would have come off in a light wash of water. Would also reccomend to keep hydration levels high and drink water, if not already doing so throughout the day, especially in the colder weather, when your skin is prone to get dry from th central heating, cold air etc. Avoid wearing fleece clothes next to the body. I used to have quite a bit of dry skin, especially in the winter.


TranquilSoul 3 years ago

The Dermalogica Ultra Rich Body Cream is fantastic! :o)
The cream relieves extra-dry, aggravated skin It is formulated without essential oils, therefore this cream is ideal for the most sensitive skin conditions.
I would suggest that you apply straight after cleansing for intense, long-lasting moisturization. The cream is know to recondition thirsty skin and promote skin recovery from environmental assault, temperature extremes, as well as stress and hormonal factors - the Ultra Rich Body Cream includes an Environmental Protection Complex, Hyaluronic Acid and Pro-Vitamin B5. There are no artificial fragrances and colours.
I would also recommend the Dermaolgica Conditioning Body Wash as the two work really well together!

essentialbeauty 3 years ago

Forever do a fantastic range of aloe vera products which would help as your skin sounds sensitive. Also theres an added bonus of a 60 day money back guarantee if your not happy. There are lots of products for dry skin but the best would be aloe propolis creme. But first use forever aloe scrub but only use a body scrub once per week.

Nikkinoo 3 years ago

Feel Great Breaks give guests gifts of body oils made with sunflower oil.. You can simply massage sunflower oil - or indeed any other non-smelling oil, into your skin whilst showering (and after washing,) then rinse and pat dry. This is an economic alternative to expensive products and can be done every day. Our guests always say how smooth their skin feels afterwards. You can combine the oil with a little sugar to make a scrub too.


Norah 3 years ago

I sell the DMS Body Lotion by Dermaviduals. It supplies the skin with DMS - a complex of ingredients that mimics the derma membrane structure of the skin. It has a strong smoothing effect that should help to eliminate the roughness you are experiencing. Over time it should also increase the lipid content of your skin and leave it better able to retain moisture so that it is less prone to dryness or dehydration. It is unusual in that it is free from emulsifiers. There is a growing recognition that emulsifiers in products can emulsify the skins natural oils which will have a drying effect. Making sure you are getting plenty of essential fatty acids in your diet and supplementing with EFA's will also help.


maria-a-kyriakou 3 years ago

Make sure you are hydrated with water. Decleor body creams are very good. you can also exfoliate once a week with decleor or jurlique body scrub to get rid of dead skin cells, hope this helps :)

bodysilk 3 years ago

You are doing the right thing excluding the soaps from your routine. Use Emollient ointment instead of soap (available at Chemists in any Boots without prescription). As for the cream, try Chiroxy cream for your body (suitable for both face and body), you are going to be very pleased with this product, it is semi-medical cream for hyper sensitive and dry skin
We prescribe it post laser and post micro needling procedures.


Bellessence 3 years ago

There are 2 recommendations I would make. 1) Calm the irritation with something you can get hold of easily, then 2) buy a suitable body cream. 1) Get a piece of gauze, stockings, old tights, something that will not scratch the skin. Put in a few tablespoons of oats, tie it up like a bag so that the oats don't come up. Run a bath, soaking the bag of oats in the water. The water will go milky and be like a bath cream substitute. If you have showers, wet the bag and use as a soap alternative. For 2) body creams from Dermaviduals (as mentioned by someone else) or Epionce will be good because they will repair the uppermost layer of skin without irritating.


SylviaRenelt 3 years ago

Neal's Yard Independent Consultant
Please have a look at Neal's Yard skin products, they work so well, they are organic, with out any of the nasty cemicals.
They are made in this country with a zero carbon foot print.
You do also need to look at your diet , and that you are drinking plenty of water.
Don't forget some products have detergents in them, which will dry out the skin.
Good luck !

Sources: http;//


Jud1th 3 years ago

Try B-Line Hand and Body Lotion on a daily basis which has been shown to relieve very dry and itchy skin. All B-Line products are paraben free and at the heart of the range is B-Line's signature formulation of tea tree oil and essential oil of lavender, combined with other plant-based ingredients.For a touch of luxury, try B-Line Body Treat, a rich indulgent body cream for the most sensitive of skins... hydrates, firms and nourishes.


essarvi 3 years ago

My skin used to be like yours until I visited a Hammam Bath about seven years ago - What a difference - in fact I`ve never felt so good! They exfoliate the dead skin first with savon noir, a soft oil based black soap, then use Rhassoul Clay to detoxify the skin, activating the lymph ( the bloods cleaning fluid) to draw out the impurities, re-mineralise and moisturize the skin, then use Argan oil , (which is non-greasy!) to retain the moisture in the skin layer. I have never felt so clean in all my life and have continued using this system to this day! The old systems are just the best.


ashleighlouisealice 3 years ago

Cetraben, I get it from my doctor and it cured my excema which I had until I was 14, until I started using it. I still use it everyday. I also use Hydrocortisone 1% for flare ups, try not to use on your face as it's a steroid and long term use causes wrinkles. I wash with Dove body bar, it is amazing. Don't use anything perfumed on your skin, it's your biggest organ and it needs love, not to be clogged with crap :). If you wanna smell nice just spray a spritz of perfume. Drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated. DON'T take hot baths. If you insist then wash your skin with cold water after. Baths are the worst contributor for me.

Sources: Ashleigh. If you have any questions

ashleighlouisealice 3 years ago

Also buy some Soap and Glory exfoliating gloves and for extra soft skin you can make your own exfoliation treatment - just mix brown sugar with olive oil and rub all over, makes your skin so soft, then lots of moisturiser after!

Sources: Ashleigh.

Janey11 3 years ago

I would suggest Kalliste Organics Inc.. Its a Organic/Cruelty-free company in Dobbs Ferry, New York. The owner is super friendly and makes everything herself. Kalliste soap gets rid of cellulite, wrinkles, acne, and stretch marks. The soap cleanses exfoliates your skin with its natural ingrediants.

GildedBeauty 3 years ago

Stick with E45, or whatever your GP recommends

beauty30 3 years ago

recommended by dermatologist
La Roche-Posay
La Roche-Posay Lipikar Balm AP

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