Rasul and Mud Treatments

Also known as:

Mud Baths, Mud Masks

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Ok, so the idea of mud may not instantly scream relaxation, but hear us out. Rasul and mineral-rich mud treatments can improve your circulation, soothe aching muscles and leave you with incredibly soft and conditioned skin. It’s also a fun way to unwind either alone or with a friend. Just imagine the selfies...

What to expect?

Let’s address the elephant in the room: the mud used in a rasul or mud treatment is miles away from the gross stuff found in your back garden. This mud has been carefully sieved to remove impurities, making it perfect for your pampering needs. Thanks to its therapeutic thermal properties, it’ll draw out impurities from your body and relax tired muscles. You can choose from the following mud treatments:

  • Mud bath – If there’s a more relaxing and social way to spend a few hours, we’re yet to find it. Taking place in a warm mud bath, you’ll simply sit back, relax and let the mud work its magic. Once you and your chosen companions have had a chance to catch up and soak up the goodness, you’ll have a chance to shower before heading home feeling good as new.
  • Mud wrap – A warming mud wrap is a great way to cleanse your pores and relax your muscles. During this soothing treatment, your therapist will cover your body in a specially prepared warm mud paste, before leaving you to lie down for roughly 15 minutes. Bliss…
  • Rasul mud treatment - Combining the healing properties of mud with the cleansing power of steam, rasul mud treatments have been an Arabic favourite for centuries. You’ll be given three different kinds of mud, all containing beneficial minerals, to liberally apply to your face and body. All you’ll have to do is relax in a peaceful steam room and await the sprinklers that will eventually rinse the glorious gunge off your body.

No matter which mud treatment you choose, you’ll leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready for whatever life throws at you next.

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