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Back Treatments

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A facial for your back, the aptly named backcial cleanses and exfoliates that tricky to tackle area that’s often left neglected. As any spot sufferer will know, the back can be a particularly problematic area - tufts of back hair, longer locks and sweaty skin all contribute to ‘bacne’ and a good old scrub in the shower just won’t shift that sebum that blocks pores and causes breakouts. So next time you think about treating yourself to a facial, why not extend that love and affection to your back too and help your skin to stay spotless.

How it works

Backcials begin with a deep cleansing ritual to remove dead skin cells, add moisture and leave skin supple, thus providing a blank canvas for your therapist to exfoliate and extract any impurities you may have. Once any blackheads, ingrown hairs and any other oily deposits have been unblocked, a purifying masque is applied to soften and cleanse the area. This will also contain anti-bacterial ingredients to prevent spots from reappearing in the future. After the masque is removed, a 15 minute massage follows using toning tonic, hot towels and moisturiser, all of which relieve tension and rehydrate the skin.

When you book in for your backcial, you’ll sometimes be given the option of two slightly varying treatments – a detox backcial or nourishing backcial. Although both are designed to leave skin soft and smooth, your therapist will tailor your treatment to meet your skin type and priorities. If you have especially congested skin, the detox treatment will most likely be suggested as any clogged pores you have can be manually extracted. The nourishing treatment however focuses more on relaxation and so concentrates on the exfoliation and massage aspects of the treatment.

Both backcials will require some stripping off action but only on your top half so you can keep those kecks on. Only taking up 45 minutes of your time, the treatment is performed face down on a massage table, and apart from the odd stubborn spot, it’s pretty painless.

Is it for me?

If the swimsuit season beckons, this is a great treatment to make sure your back is as pimple free as possible. For regular sufferers of acne or common skin disorders, it can also help to reduce untimely breakouts. As well as purifying pores, backcials can also benefit those looking for a little stress relief.

Good to know

This is a popular treatment for guys who are into their grooming.