Can someone please explain the difference between different types of eyelash extensions?

I've heard about Mink, 2D etc. but am not sure how to choose between them.
Asked by puichilouisa

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Hi Puichilouisa
The difference between Semi permanent and permanent are, semi permanent lases are applied in clusters and will usually take around 20-30 minutes to apply and can be around £15-£20 depending on the salon. Permanent are applied as a single hair at a time and can take 1-2 hours and can cost anything £50 -£150 or more in some salons. These should last around 28 days as the lash is applied to your lash and that is usually the life span of your own lash. You can get infills when you need them. You can get them applied whichever look you are going for, natural/full ect.
I hope this is informative and helpful to you.
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There are two types of eyelash extension one is permanent and other is semi-permanent eyelash.In permanent eyelash real eyelashes are transplanted to generate additional eyelash and this is very expensive.Semi-permanent eyelash on other hand can be applied at home and is inexpensive.