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Developed by Dr. Richard Strem after extensive research, a Universal Contour Wrap uses bandages soaked in a mineral-rich clay solution. The goal? To lose weight, of course! Cleverly, the bandages compress your skin which, in turn, will cause your soft body tissues to compact, leaving you lighter and tighter. Mummy mia...

What to expect?

Upon arrival at your chosen salon or clinic, your therapist will start by measuring your target areas. You’ll then be shown to a private treatment room and given a shower cap and disposable paper thong to change into. Fear not, your modesty will be protected throughout. Now it’s time to get mummified! It may sound slightly strange, but a Universal Contour Wrap involves having 25-30 elasticised bandages wrapped around you from neck to ankle. These aren’t just any bandages, however. Having been soaked in a mineral-rich clay solution, they’re expertly crafted to compress your soft body tissues, causing you to lose inches in minutes. But the benefits don’t end there! The mineral-rich clay also cleanses and rejuvenates your skin, releasing toxins and waste from your tissues. This tightens and firms your skin even further, resulting in instant toning. Clever, huh? Once you’ve been relaxing and all wrapped up for an hour, it’s time for the big reveal. Cue some ooh-ing and ahh-ing at your tightened body and you’re all set to go. It really is that simple and instantaneous.

If you can, try and leave any residual clay solution on your skin overnight. This will continue your detoxification for long after you leave.

Know before you go

  • Your weight loss results will last for a minimum of 30 days, making a Universal Contour Wrap treatment ideal for an upcoming event or holiday where you want to look your best! You know, just in case those last-minute diet plans don’t quite work out…
  • To achieve the best results possible, it’s advised that you book a series of sessions. Just make sure to leave 7-10 days between each wrap.
  • Experts advise that you drink lots of water after your treatment to further flush out any toxins.
  • If you can, try and leave any residual clay solution on your skin overnight. This will continue your detoxification for long after you leave.
  • Unfortunately, if you’re pregnant you’ll have to wait until after the baby’s born to benefit from this treatment. However, it’ll be well worth the wait. Universal Contour Wrap can help tone your stomach and bust areas after pregnancy and is even said to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Result!
  • This treatment is also an excellent choice for men. Why not go as a couple and take hilarious selfies in the process?
  • Each Universal Contour Wrap treatment comes with a handy money back guarantee. If you don’t lose more than 6 inches, you’ll pay nothing at all. Luckily, the vast majority of people lose between 10-14 inches per treatment.

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