Colonic Hydrotherapy

Also known as:

Colonic Irrigation, Enema

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Combined with a healthy lifestyle, colonic hydrotherapy helps your body eliminate toxins. Sure, the colonic irrigation subject is still a bit taboo but once you’ve got over the apprehension you’ll soon realise that it is totally worth it: you will leave feeling light as a feather and your skin will be glowing!

Wine, chocolate, pizza, bread... repeat. All of our favourite things unfortunately don’t make for the healthiest of bowel movements. Enter colonic hydrotherapy.

Created to flush out waste and toxins from your body, colonic hydrotherapy is the ultimate way to spring clean your system. The treatment is carried out by a fully trained colonic hydrotherapist and lasts around 45 minutes.

But before you feel stressed by the thought of colonic hydrotherapy, don’t. It’s a surprisingly relaxing experience, purposefully arranged in a peaceful setting.

What to expect?

Upon arrival, you’ll be taken to a private room where your treatment will kick off with a consultation. Your colonic hydrotherapist will talk you through the entire process, while answering any questions you may have. This is also a great opportunity to discuss your bowel movements and general digestive system with an expert, in a fully confidential environment.

Next steps? Your therapist will leave the room and wait for you to cover yourself from the waist down with a soft sheet and towel (just like you do during a massage). You’ll then be asked to lie down on a comfortable chair or bed... and there you have it! You’re ready to start your treatment. Your therapist will return, turn on the water and it’s all systems go.

Colonic hydrotherapy cleanses years of excess waste and toxic substances. It’s also said to help rebalance your bowel flora, allowing more friendly bacteria to grow.

In short, a slow stream of safe and gentle water runs inside and fills your colon through a small device called a speculum (it’s so small you’ll wonder if it’s even there, mark our words!) The speculum simultaneously brings clean water into the colon, while carrying the waste out. The result is a gentle flushing of the colon, and loosening of old faecal debris. It’s that simple, and the health benefits are numerous.

Colonic hydrotherapy cleanses years of excess waste and toxic substances. It’s also said to help rebalance your bowel flora, allowing more friendly bacteria to grow. And yes, the process is totally hygienic and odourless! Initially, the feeling of releasing your bowels may take a little getting used to, but after a while it feels totally natural. Many people leave the treatment surprised by how easy it was. If you wish, you can even see everything that’s coming out of you, but that's very much optional!

Good to know

It’s worth noting that each colonic hydrotherapy treatment is totally tailored to you. Some people prefer the therapist to massage their abdomen for the best results. Others, however, like to be in the room alone to “let it all out”. The choice is totally yours. Whatever your preference, rest assured that colonic hydrotherapists have seen it all before. Consider this a judgement-free zone!

Start benefitting from more energy, healthier bowel movements and a rejuvenated system, today. Book a colonic hydrotherapy session with Treatwell.

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