Hi I am interested in going for a 2 day spa with my girlfriend I live in Croydon

Interested in colonic hydrotherapy ,lipo light epicures,spa has to be between 40 to 100 miles from Croydon
Asked by Kara2

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You could come see us at Aqualibria in Harley Street, and see other Harley Street specialist for other treatments. We are dead in central london and the two of you could see your favourite musical in the West End in the evening? Just a thought. Let us know if we can assist with the logistics. :)


Musical would be interesting ,but wat of the treatmentsblike colonic hydrotherapy ,lipo light are those available and would we be going to the musical after treatments would that be advisable
Search Treatwell for Colonic Hydrotherapy near you
There's this two night break http://www.wahanda.com/place/beauty-rooms-at-basingstoke-country-hotel-puma-hotels-collection/ that does hydrotherapy and electrolysis? x


Very helpful thanks a lot