Can you put a price on releasing pain for a client, how good does it make yo feel as a therapist
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Hi I am Julia Rhodes , principal colon hydrotherapist at West London Colonics.
What's not so well known is how coffee enemas mediate pain .
Dr Max Gershon used them partly for this purpose in his famous cancer treatments.
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Being able to help anyone as a therapist is priceless whether by helping to support on an energetic level, emotionally with aromas/crystals, or physical pain its rewarding seeing the positive impact it has in all levels of the clients well being.
Rebecca Urban Oasis
It is the most satisfying part of the job. To know that you have relieved a persons pain and thay can leave feeling happy and more relaxed. What more could you want, it is priceless.
Hi Andy,
I believe health is the most important thing, It's priceless!
And of course I feel great if I can help my clients with my treatment.
As a Reiki practitioner, I trust the Reiki energy to always benefit the client. Sometimes the results are perceptible eg relief from pain, feeling relaxed, not stressed, improvement in health and wellbeing over time, feeling more balanced and centred/grounded, accelerated recovery from an injury/surgery/illness, it could be a whole lot of other benefits too; sometimes the results are less perceptible immediately.
Perceptible results are obviously an added blessing and wonderful to experience for both the client and myself the practitioner ie I have helped facilitate the client's healing process.
No you can not put a price on pain relief only on the service you supply, if you ask the client before you treat, how much they wound pay many say anything to be pain free.When your treatments work the look on the face of your clients say it all. THIS IS PRICELESS.
The fee for helping a client is what enables me to learn more and refine my skills, whilst supporting me financially so that I can make myself more effective and focus on what I do.
As for how much I like what I do? There are two questions which will tell you if you're in the right job for you - these come from Micheal Neill, whose books are excellent.
Q1) if all jobs paid the same, would you still want to do the work you do?
Q2) if you won the lottery tomorrow, would you still do what you do?
For me feeling good is something I choose to do regardless of how I measure my achievements. Of course it's great to be able to show someone how to feel better, but it's the client that does the fixing and the changing, I see myself as an educator, and yes I do love what i do.
The price is £40 an hour - you can book 4 1hour sessions at the Quantum Pain Clinic by emailing me.
It makes no difference to me how I feel: this is what I do.
It's the reason why I do acupuncture. Simple as.
Most satisfying part of my job :)
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