CACI Body Treatments

Also known as:

Body Toning

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If you ever feel like your body is working on completely different wavelengths, it might be time to switch frequency. CACI (Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument) is one of the most common ways to achieve cosmetic surgery results without the surgery! Instead it uses a unique combination of waveforms that work in harmony with your body’s own bio-electrical field (that’s energy in lay terms), to painlessly tackle body imperfections, zap away stubborn cellulite, tone those tums and boost busts in an instant.

How does it work?

Combining lasers, microcurrents, ultrasound and vacuums, CACI is an all-in-one super system that transmits tiny electrical impulses and signals into the body. Through this pumping and pulsating pressure, your muscles are stimulated and your skin tissue enhanced. Not as scary as it sounds, most of the treatments are carried out via the use of special rollers and massagers so you can stop having palpitations that you’ll be wired up to a contraption mimicking an electric chair. Completely pain free, the only sensation you’ll feel is a gentle rolling action and a very faint tingling.

Admired for its face-lifting feats, CACI is also a popular procedure for targeting body boos too. But what works for your tum might not be the best option for your bum so CACI has a whole host of treatment methods that focus in on different body parts.

Body Conditioning

If you’ve recently popped out a sprog or undergone surgery, CACI’s unique roller bars can work wonders on tough to tone areas such as the abdomen and bust. After a course of treatments, stretch marks and scar tissue will also start to fade away and your body will be left in a beach ready state.


One of the most effective ways to treat cellulite is through massage as it encourages fluid retention and fatty areas to break down. Add to this a powerful electro-cellulite massager and you’ll start to witness rapid reduction as the areas around your thighs and buttocks starts to firm up.

Bust lift

A boob job without the implants or surgery, the CACI bust treatment helps to lift, tone and strengthen muscles around the bust area. Even after a one off treatment, you can experience a ‘lift’ for up to 5 days after, although a course of 10 treatments is recommended.


Your very own tummy tuck, this treatment tightens muscles and restores elasticity which tones, flattens and defines those abdominal areas and minimises the waist, hurrah. Stats show that a 30 minute treatment is equivalent to 400 sit-ups but this shouldn’t replace a good old fashioned trip to the gym.

Lymphatic treatment

A great pick me up treatment, swollen ankles, bloated tummies and general lethargy will vanish as the lymphatic system gets stimulated and stirred up, moving along any unwanted fats and training toxins to stay away from areas prone to blockages.

Aged Hands Treatment

Get rid of pigmentation patches and liver spots with a whirlwind of laser and ultrasound. The powerful combo will fade blemishes and smooth sun-damaged skin in seconds.

Is it for me?

Suitable for men and women of all ages, CACI can be used as a corrective body treatment for any of the above or even just as a relaxing electro-massage. If you want fast results before you hit the beach or you’re in need of a speedy solution before the big day, you should see improvements from your very first treatment, although a course of treatments will always be recommended by your therapist so you can benefit from longer lasting results.