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Question: Acupuncture Facials

Asked by andys

4 answers

Can you help out?

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Hi Andys,
Facial acupuncture can help with acne due to the fact that the colon, small intestine, stomach, gall bladder, bladder and three heater meridians are found on the face, and are the acupuncture points in facial acupuncture. As you probably know, acne is a blood rather than qi syndrome - this is why in the western tradition acnes are considered to be caused by either GIT bacteria or hormonal imbalance - and blood production begins in the stomach>small intestine>etc/hormonal imbalance with the gall bladder>three heater>etc.The Jing-well and Ting points of these meridians are found on the face and are used in purging the negative qi (manifesting in acne) created by the underlying blood syndrome.
Hope that helps...all the best.

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Hi Andy,

I cannot comment on the procedure you have asked about however frequent Microdermabrasion helps tremendously as superficial layers of skin are exfoliated. Acne tends to stem from 'blacheads' They become infected and then the immune sytem kicks off! White corpuscle [pus] bombard the infection resulting in swollen, tender and embarrasing pustules that are prone to scarring.

My recommendation is to fight the blackead condition and the spots will automatically become less of a problem. Give yourself [and your Microdermabrasion therapist] a few months to get the condition under control [with good 5-a-day diet, plenty water and daily cleansing routine such as Microfoliant by Dermalogica and a Microfibre cloth] and you will have a much improved complexion that will remain that way and improve with age ... then it's the problem of ageing skin you have to contend with!!

Hope this helps




Hi yes acupuncture can help with acne but it can be quite costly as you will need to have more than one treatment.


I dont do acupuncture, but I am a kinesiologist and I Know I could help with treatment, nutritional supplements and dietary changes...


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