Face Massage

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Give yourself a natural and healthy glow with this underated beauty secret. Facial massage is a special kind of therapy that uses gentle upward and downward strokes to stimulate blood flow and collagen production under the skin. If you want to shine during winter and beyond, or you fancy a quick pamper session before a big night out, a simple facial massage has you covered.

What to expect?

So what’s first? Cleansing, of course! Once your skin is super clean (think of it like a blank canvas), your therapist will begin the facial by applying sliding movements along your jawline to the base of your ears, and circular motions over your cheeks, ears and around your lips. The forehead and nose get a look-in too and are massaged to help unclog pores and prevent blemishes, while the forehead is targeted to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Psst! If you’ve had one too many late nights, a facial massage will also work to reduce the appearance of heavy bags and under eye puffiness. And if that’s not all, a soft and gentle manipulation around the neck and chin area will be used to prevent that double chin. Wait, double chin? What double chin?!

Know before you go

  • Let’s face it, your skin is going to be prodded and kneaded and poked, so don’t be surprised if you leave looking a tad dishevelled - dishevelled, but radiant, of course. Thankfully, it’s nothing a tad of tinted moisturiser can’t fix.
  • A typical session lasts about 20 minutes, so any oil or cream used should be completely absorbed into the skin by the time the massage is over, making it the perfect lunchtime fix!
  • Did you know that a facial massage is said to help relieve those pesky PMS symptoms?

The sciencey stuff

We’re told to keep our hands away from our face, but with the case of a facial massage, touch really is everything. The facial area responds particularly well to gentle pressure, or when sliding movements are applied along the facial muscles under the skin. These beautifying techniques can help relieve tension and give the face more oomph and definition. How’s that for a little pick-me-up?

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