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Question: Any ideas on a cheap hot towel cabi?

Asked by vickyholistics 5 years ago

8 answers

I am looking for an economical way of heating towels for facials and massage any ideas?

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theguru 5 years ago

Hi Vicky,
I have bought 2 from ebay brand new and about £70 each. I've had them both now for about 3-4 years and they are still working just fine.

Other answers (7)

Norah 5 years ago

Hi Vicky, I bought a small towel warmer (enough for about 12 small towels) from Sallys Beauty Supplies for £99. Quite a few companies like Salon Serve sell this one and although it's about £129 usually it's often discounted in sales. I'm really happy with it and people really love the heat from the towels which is a different effect from just heating in water. I think using it really adds something to a treatment so well worth buying.


VictoriaThomas 5 years ago

Hello, I would definitely recommend a Hot Towel Steamer. I wanted a hot cabi for ages but these can be quite pricey so I bought a steamer instead (around £50 although I bought mine for £30 on ebay!) and it is absolutely perfect! It fits in about 6 -8 facial towels and they're hot in 10 mins! Plus it takes up less room than a cabi. Have a look at Salons Direct - theirs is £50. Good luck!

Urbanholistics 5 years ago

How about a microwave, we used to use this before we could afford a steam cabby.dampen the towels and pop in microwave and store in a coolbag like bag until required - this will keep them warm for approx 20 mins..

MMC123 5 years ago

If you are on a really tight budget you can use a baby's bottle steriliser. Go for the type that has the deep tank as these will take a couple of towels or several face cloths. It will serve two purposes, sterilisation and heat retention. You can pick these up on Ebay very cheap.

I don't have room for a towel warmer and have used this method for a couple of years. When not in use it's light and portable enough to put away.

Hope this helps

MMC Holistic Therapies


5 years ago

Visit Salons Direct website and check 'UV Towel Warmer 2 in 1'.


Mike1 4 years ago

The most economical way to my knowledge is the microwave.

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