What treatments are safe to have if you are currently undergoing chemotherapy?

Is there anything in addition to manicures and pedicures that would be ok?
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Reiki is completely safe to work alongside orthodox medicine, it is deeply relaxing which I am sure would help during this challenging, to say the least, time in your life. It helps your own self healing system kick in, and whilst deeply relaxing it re-energizes giving you some vigour to help you through, a stressfull and tiresome time. If you wish I can send you distant healing until you find a reiki practioner near you, just let me know, wishing you well, San, reiki-torbay.
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I have read all the various answers to your question, and the advice seems to be always check/ seek written approval from your oncologist before having any treatments.
I have also read that there is evidence that women undergoing cancer treatment have a more postive mental outlook if the feel they look better.
There is a salon in London called the Silver Pearl which offers free beauty treatments to Cancer patients, I would absloutely love to do something similar, but my buisness could not support this at the moment, maybe in the future!
Lastly there is a fantastic product called Christian eyebrow make-up, this is a semi permenant make-up which comes is 8 colours, it is waterproof and lasts all day. So if your loose your eyebrows with chemotherapy this product is perfect to help you until they grow back. Do find a salon in your area that has it, so that you get the right colour.
All the best with your treatment.
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A friend of mine has got breast cancer and undergoing chemotherapy. I sugguested her to do meditation every day as long as breathing exercise and sometimes gentle relaxing massage. She finds that very helpful. And her doctor is very pleased with the reduction of the size of the cancer that is down to 50 percent! You can meditate in your own space anytime in the day, even 10 or 15 minutes of silence and try to empty your mind concentraing on your breathing to be very slow and smooth and any thought that comes into your mind, just clear it with counting down from 27 to 1 and if you missed the number then come back to start with 27 again. You can sit or lay down in any position that you feel comfortable, laying down usually best but try to fucus not to fall to sleep, it is not necessary to sit crossed legs. By purifyling the mind you are also purify the body.
There are also many type of relaxation techniques that you can learn online or try to join meditation classes if you prefered to do with others. Also try the technique of Yoga Nidra.
Hi - opinion is divided about this and most therapists would want agreement from your Doctor before treating you. I would receommend Reiki as it is very gentle and claming. It would help to reduce levels of stress and anxiety which can be so counter productive!
I hope you find a good Reiki practitioner.
reiki is good for you
This is a very good question and you will notice there are a lot of varied answers coming to you here. my advice would be talk to your consultant and ask his advice. This really does depend on what treatment/ therapy you feel you need, as for example, massage is also about the human touch and helping you heal emotionally as well as physically, this would also depend on what you are receiving chemo for.
But i agree that gentle massage with basic oils so as not to over stimulate the lymph system, or facials would be fine, with your consultants permission. My sister received facials and massage and visited spa's whilst having chemo many times with no issues or problems, please dont feel you have to miss out on these wonderful experiences as they are very calming and relaxing when you are going through a worrying time, as long as you make the therapist aware of your health issues you can still be pampered.
Wishing you a speedy recovery!
Facial is ok, about manicure and pedicure you can't have cuticle off, because your immuny system is low, also you can't have body massage may spreed the cells, the insurance doesn't cover for that but there are many places work with doctor and therapists, The best way to find a place like that in your area and seek advice from them.
What ever treatment you fancy having you must have a Doctors note that is signed by your doctor to confirm its ok.
Thank you and i also wish the patient every success with their treatment aswell.
Hi, when it comes to massage I always wait for the specialist's approval/all clear.
However when it comes to relieving pain or side effects of chemo alternative therapies can help, see the link below for more information.
Yes Im my experience
Reiki,is very effective and non intrusive, maybe gentle reflexology, and hydro therapy.
Also chi gung exercises for revitalising the energy system and meditation/visualisation are highly recommended.
I am a physiotherapist, and I used to work at a cancer resource centre, offering counselling and various therapies to clients before, during and after cancer treatment.
I agree that you should get consent from your oncologist, and I agree that gentle hands-on treatment is safe and promotes your wellbeing, so that would include various forms of massage, reflexology, reiki.
Acupuncture can be very helpful in treating muscle tension/pain as well as nausea, hot flushes and other side effects.
In the cycle between treatments, when you have low energy, it is important not to overdo things, so any treatment should promote rest and relaxation, but only when you have some energy, then gentle exercise and/or stretching is also beneficial to boost your immune system, improve circulation, and stimulate endorphins.
Happy to answer questions if you have any more.
Be well.
If you are having chemotherapy as a treatment for cancer then you need permission from your oncologist for any other types of treatment. It's a matter of professional etiquette and normally there is not an issue but good practice to keep all parties informed.
Having said that, there should never be a problem with having a Reiki treatment and any form of gentle massage will also benefit you and make you feel good.
Chemotherapy is a toxic treatment and both Reiki and massage treatments will assist in flushing any toxins from the body as will drinking a reasonable quantity of plain water every day such as two litres.
Good luck with your treatment and of course stay strong and positive and remember, the mind will heal the body.
Only a gentle form of bodywork is recommended, such as: long, slow effleurage massage, cranial sacral therapy, Trager method, Reiki ect. Chemotherapy treatment is extremely toxic and the body systems need to heal and re set. Massage encourages nervous system sedation, promotes fresh blood flow and also adds a wonderful moment of loving care, a bright spot in an otherwise frightening experience.
I volunteer at a charity offering all kinds of treatments to cancer patients undergoing chemo. I personally do massage, Hydrotherm massage and the Bowen Technique. We only suggest that you wait 24 hours after your chemo before having a hands on treatment. But you can have reiki. We only say that just to give your body a chance to concentrate on the treatment. If anyone undergoing treatment is unsure of what to have, make sure you discuss this with your specialist or nurse. Often the best places to have a treatment are those places that specialise in treating cancer patients, such as the Fountain Centre in Guildford, Penny Brohn in Bristol, Maggies Centres, Paul cancer care in London etc. Often they give these treatments either for free or for a reduced rate. Hope this helps and I wish the patient every success with their treatment.