Towel warmers for massage

Now that the days are getting colder, I currently use a heated pad for my massage table and warm the towels on the radiator. I'm curious about getting a towel warmer - I know these machines exist but not sure how useful and easy they are to use? Any insights appreciated. Is it worth the investment?
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An electric blanket / heat pad is much cheaper that a towel warmer, and does the same job
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it can also be essential for providing certain spa services. The heat and moisture from the towel can help to soothe muscles, open up pores or prepare the skin for various treatments. To make sure your towels are always properly heated, order one of these hot towel warmers from SrijanExportstowelwarmers. We've found the very best equipment for keeping towels at exactly the right temperature for your client services.
Good morning, I believe there is a for sale a towel warmer on amazon, although I've never used them, prefering to use the heat pads on the bed, and warming my towels like you on the radiator.
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Also, if you roll the towels when you place them in the towel warmer, you can store one to two dozen towels in a single warmer (depending upon the size of the warmer and the plushness of your towel choice.)
Yes, towel warmers are useful if you are using warm towels during your massage treatments. They allow you to have a convenient place to store your warm towels until you are ready to use them. It saves time during your treatments because the towels are always ready for use. They remain heated and sanitary while in the towel warmer. You can also add scented oils to the preparation to offer a nice scent to the treatments, as well. I would certainly recommend that you invest in a towel warmer.
I would say the methods you already employ are probably just fine and that a separate device will not warm the towels any differently/better. If your existing system works well, why change it?
I like you have just purchased a heated pad for my massage table, I have found wrapping my towels around a hot water bottle is inexpensive. However I'm sure that a heated towel warmer would be a good purchase.
I will keep an eye out for any cheap alternatives.