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A Turkish bath session takes place in traditional baths, and is a ritualistic experience that involves an intense massage, followed by a sudsy scrub down and full body exfoliation. A perfect way to refresh and rejuvenate, Turkish baths are said to promote good health through massage and heat therapy.

Want to discover a beauty treatment with a difference? Head to your nearest Turkish bath (the Turkish version of the Moroccan hammam), where a traditional pampering session awaits to leave you looking sensational.

Inspired by the rituals of Roman baths, a Turkish bath is a steam room where you can relax, unwind, and enjoy a slower pace away from the rat race. Dating back to 600AD, the treatment has become a way of life in a lot of Mediterranean countries, with many locals frequenting their neighbourhood bathhouse on a weekly basis for tranquility, rejuvenation and a little socialising. Well, if it was good enough for the Romans!

Designed to revive the mind and soften the skin, experience beauty customs from centuries ago as you’re transported to a world far away from your everyday stresses...

What to expect

Your session will start in the entrance room, where you’ll be shown to the changing areas and offered a cup of tea or a cold drink of your choice. Once you’ve taken some time to sit back and slow down, your therapist will guide you to the transition area, and you’ll be provided with towels and a little time to adjust to the heat.

From there you’ll enter the turkish bath itself, a steam chamber which houses several warm marble slabs, a fresh menthol aroma and a fountain. The majority of them have been specially created to resemble the traditional steam rooms of Istanbul. Inside you’ll find soft light, gentle music, beautiful tiles and walls often adorned with Arabian-inspired prints and patterns.

Designed to revive the mind and soften the skin, experience beauty customs from centuries ago as you’re transported to a world far away from your everyday stresses...

It’ll then be time for the treatment itself. This is where the real fun begins! Your therapist, otherwise known as a tellak, will show you to a marble slab to lie face down on, before pouring warm water over you and exfoliating your skin with a mineral-rich soap scrub. Your body will then be cleansed from head to toe, removing all of your dead skin and leaving you feeling softer than a dip in the Dead Sea. Think of it as the ultimate treat for your pores, with the sole aim to make you look and feel revitalised. Bliss.

Good to know

You can either enjoy the experience on your own or with friends. No matter which Turkish bath you try out, the products used during your treatment are guaranteed to be fresh, fragrant and fantastic for you.

Many will offer you a shampoo and facial mask, too, before you’re ready to shower and head to the relaxation room for refreshments and further R&R. Your skin will feel re-energised, your body will feel at peace and your mind will feel rested. What could be more idyllic?

For an authentic Mediterranean spa experience, treat yourself to some time at a Turkish bath. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

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