What's the best cleanser for dry skin?

I have dry skin.
Asked by coachy

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I think you might enjoy the Liz Earle cleanse and polish, it doesn't have SLS in it which can be drying and it's cream formula is very moisturising, you use a muslin cloth to remove it which helps exfoliate too.
Or you could try something really basic like pure Coconut Oil and cotton pads.
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Hi, You'd be best off with a cleansing milk, we offer two fantastic ones from Oro Gold (which is a 24K Gold product) and from Sen. If you're local you can pop in and we'll give you a consultation to see which would be best for you. You can logo on to http://www.greenspacesalons.co.uk to read more about us and the treatments we offer and Like our Facebook page to get advice, offers and competitions.
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You may think you have Dry skin. It may actually be Dehydrated skin, not Dry.
There is a big Difference between the Dry and Dehydrated Skin
The products used are different and they work in diferent ways.
You dont have to spend a fortune on expensive cleansers,For dry skin best stick to cream cleansers and I would try to stay clear of foaming cleansers or as long as it doesnt contain sodium lauryl sulfate as this stips your skin from its naturals oils and can make the skin dryer you will find this ingredients in everything that foams ie shampoo, Hand washes and cleansers. Trilogy is a good make as its not too expensive and is made from natural ingredients. Exfoliating helps too and a good supplement such as omega 3. Here is my blog site which has a list of chemicals to look out for in products
Cold goats milk...
I like body scrub, exfoliation from body shop, and good organic moisturise made from herbs and plants.


I use the coconut oil body scrub, here is how to make coconut oil body scrub video
Skin is moisturised most effectively from the inside. Protein, fat, water and vitamin E are the main benefactors of a glowing skin, along with regular amounts of fresh air (as opposed to heating). Make time to educate yourself then trial what works for you. Incidentally, a good olive oil or coconoil are excellent and natural moisturisers, and being dual purpose are an excellent buy!
I Love Decleor cleansing cream for dry skin. It's quite rich so helps to moisturise at the same time as removing make up. You can also use it to take off your eye make up too! With a dry skin make sure you are exfoliating about 3 times a week as this will make a massive difference to your skin x