Four / Six Hands Massage

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Avoid half measures with a four hands massage. If you’re time poor but in desperate need of a rub down, it’s time to start seeing double. Using varying types of massage techniques including traditional Swedish massage, reflexology and deep tissue massage, this unique experience gives you double the benefits in half the time.

How does it work

Performed by two therapists using a blend of long, flowing strokes, the majority of this massage is done in tandem and in effect is like experiencing two full body massages at the same time. Ideal for people who can’t switch off, four hands massage is one way to disengage your brain from focusing on anything else but relaxation.

When you have a massage with one therapist you can track their movements in your mind, but with four hands working on you, you’re physically unable to focus all your attention on each stroke, it’s simply impossible to acknowledge every move and keep it in a logical order. Your brain (and you) will soon realise you’re trying to tackle the impossible and give up, leaving you to drift off into an almost hypnotic higher state of consciousness.

The treatment is usually carried out on a massage table but because you’ve got two peeps working on you instead of one, it means that you’ll have to flash a bit more flesh than normal, but this doesn’t mean you have to bare all and you’ll still be able to protect those privates. It also means that the duration of the massage is cut by half the time so you’ll be in and out within 30 minutes.

Is it for me?

Just like any other form of massage, the upmost advantage of a four hand friendly is relaxation. But relaxation also has a fantastic knock-on effect in helping to relieve stress and promote healthy healing. Great for 21st century party people, this hand harmony allows you to disconnect from the outside world completely. In fact, it’s such a speedy treatment, you could even slot one in on your lunch break! Oh, and because you’ll have experienced totally tranquillity, your focus and concentration will be in tip-top form, so you’ll be able to swagger back to the office bursting with mind-blowing ideas.