Four / Six Hands Massage

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Get double the benefits in half the time with a four or six hands massage. Starring two or three therapists working together in synchronised massage strokes, this is the perfect solution if you’re time-poor but in desperate need of a rub-down. Prepare to think twice…

What you can expect?

Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by both (or all three!) therapists and taken to a massage table where low lighting and relaxing music will instantly loosen you up. The therapists will then start working their magic on you in tandem, using a combination of traditional Swedish massage, reflexology and deep tissue massage to target any problems and deliver the ultimate relaxation. It’s worth noting that your therapists will be well accustomed to working together, so be prepared to be astounded by their synchronicity! The atmosphere alone is calming and what is basically two full-body massages in one is a hypnotic, mesmerising and unique experience.

Know before you go

  • Pressed for time? No problem – the duration of a massage is cut by half the time so you’ll be in and out within 30 minutes. A de-stressing lunch break certainly sounds tempting...
  • With two or three people massaging you, you’ll have to flash a bit more flesh than normal – but don’t fear, this doesn’t mean you have to bare all and you’ll still be able to protect your modesty.

The sciencey stuff

When you have a massage with one therapist you can track their movements in your mind, but with four or six hands working on you, you physically can’t focus on each stroke. Your brain (and you) will soon realise you’re trying to tackle the impossible and give up, leaving you to drift off into a hypnotic higher state of consciousness. And there you have the genius of a multiple hands massage.

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