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If you’re in need of a little relief but don't fancy being used as a human pin-cushion, acupressure is the answer. Working along the same lines as acupuncture only without the scary needles, it’s sure to relieve any stress as well as giving your chi (energy) a much-needed kick up the backside.

What you can expect?

Your therapist will start by applying deep but gentle pressure to your acupoints, found along your body’s energy lines. Using finger pressure, the occasional thumb and knuckle movement or even a smooth, blunt object, your therapist will stimulate each energy point to release any blockages that have gathered there. Once these areas have been prodded and poked away, you'll be left feeling chirpier, stress-free and more energetic. Yes please!

Know before you go

  • You’re sure to feel the benefits from your first treatment, but a course of 4-6 weekly sessions is usually advised, depending on how troublesome your chi is.
  • Although commonly used to alleviate stress and menstrual problems in women, acupressure can also work wonders on poor circulation, insomnia and bed-wetting.
  • The treatment is performed fully clothed, however if you rock up in your skivvies you may be given a looser outfit to change into to give the therapist more freedom to work their magic.
  • Pushed for time? You’re in luck – a quickie seated massage can be done and dusted in as little as 10 minutes.

The sciencey stuff

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that when your chi becomes blocked, illness strikes. Using pressure to stimulate the energy channels, the aim of the acupressure game is to free up any stuck energy so your circulation and natural energy can flow more freely. The result? Your body is restored to its healthy and balanced best

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