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Acupressure works along the same lines as Acupuncture only without the scary needles. If you find yourself in need of a little stress relief but don't fancy being used as a human pin-cushion then look no further. Not only will acupressure relieve your stress it'll also give your Chi (energy) a much needed kick up the backside. Adding to its appeal, a quickie seated acupressure massage session can be performed in as little as 10 or 15 minutes on a special massage chair.

How it works

Acupressure is designed to rebalance your 'chi' by unblocking your vital energy lines. This allows your circulation and natural energy to flow more freely, and helps to promote overall wellbeing and relaxation.

Rather than needles, your therapist will apply deep but gentle pressure to your acupoints which are found along your body’s energy lines or Meridians. Using finger pressure, the occasional thumb and knuckle movement or even a smooth, blunt object, your therapist will stimulate each energy point to release any blockages that have gathered there. Once these areas have been de-congested, you'll hopefully be left feeling chirpier, stress-free and more energetic.

The treatment is administered fully clothed, however if you rock up in your skivvies you may be given an alternative looser outfit to change into, simply to allow the therapist’s digits more freedom to work their magic. The position adopted during the treatment is dependent on which area of the body is being worked on, and sessions will vary in length with some as brief as 15 minutes and others lasting up to an hour. Usually, a course of 4-6 weekly sessions will be advised, but this all depends on how troublesome your chi is.

Is it for me?

Because of the gentle nature of acupressure, it can be beneficial for anyone and everyone and can be used to promote a healthy body, or just to add a little extra pizzazz into your everyday life. Some practitioners even believe that Acupressure can be used to treat people on a spiritual level. Often patients have likened the affects to those achieved through meditation techniques and believe clarity of thought can be improved with the treatment.

Although commonly used to alleviate stress and menstrual problems in women, acupressure's benefits are far reaching, it’s been known to help improve circulation, cure insomnia, promote well being and even cure youngsters from wetting the bed.

Good to know

A recognised form of Chinese medicine, acupressure is believed to be the 'mother of Acupuncture' as it pre-dates the use of needles to stimulate the body's energy flow.

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