why do most therapists say that there therapy is the best, instead of learning what others have to o

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I think it depends on what the individual client requires and whether there expectations are realistic, each therapist can only do there best.
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Experts know more and more about less and less!
Best to approach things systemically .
Not every therapy works for everyone. Dis-ease is multi factorial .
With colon hydro therapy I speak from my personal experience.
Is it guaranteed to be suitable for everyone ? of course not.
Is it likely to help many ?
In my experience , yes.
Are there other ways to health and wellbeing ?
Of course , yes.
I think as in all things in life people with a passion believe passionately about their product. I always tell my patients it's horses for courses and there is no one panacea for everything. It is more important to find a therapist you like and trust than anything else as you are going to have a significant relationship with that person. It sounds like you have had a particularly confrontational situation with one or two people, you may want to ask them that question rather than tarnish us all with the same brush. I would hope that all therapists main aim is the resolution of a clients problem be that with them or referring to another colleague who has different techniques, that is the way my clinic runs and it means we have happy customers!
The therapies I practice are the one's I'm most passionate about so I would recommend trying them. However everyone is different so I have a wide group of therapist friends who I pass clients to if I feel their therapies would benefit the client more.
Hi Andy
Not ALL therapists say their type of therapy is best. For me it is about the individual finding what therapy is right for them and do they make what is vital, a connection with the therapist. For many people Shiatsu is wonderful for them, maybe beacause they prefer not to undress as they may feel very exposed and of course Shiatsu is carried out with clothes on. Some people do not like the feeling of massage oil left on their skin and therefore choose a therapy that does not include that. There are many factors that come into the client making choices and I would say it s not really about the therapist saying their therapy" is the best" but the client saying it is the best, from my own thoughts, it is only what is best for the client. I have found that if someones had a fabulous experience of a therapy and they tell a friend about it and they then come for a session - often the friend has a high expectation and hoping to experience the same, the big mistake on their part is that they can be disappointed. Always go with an open mind and experience therapy for yourslf. My words of wisdom for the day.
Marie Lamont Shiatsu Practitioner, Ki To Life Shiatsu Practice, Fife, Scotland
Every therapy will not suit every potential client.
I guess your question is related to the therapy on offer rather than the particular therapist? I offer Bowen and Emmett Techniques but do not say my therapies are the best. If people want to try my particular therapies, then I ask them to judge on the results for themselves. If they do not feel any differences after a couple of treatments then I suggest that myabe they need to try a different therapy.
It is also important to find the therapist best suited to your needs and that tends to be a personal preference for the way I work.
I know that, for example, chiropractic has worked for me with a back problem in the past but the last chiropractor I saw was not someone I felt I could work with - in that I could not relax sufficiently for him to carry out the manipulation on my spine. So I found something else that did allow me to feel relaxed and got better that way.
Different therapies work for different people at different times in their lives - so just go and try - and see what suits you.
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Any good therapist should be able to recommend other therapies should theirs not be adequate and therapies can be used in combination, such as at Senses where we have people being treated for back issues with a combination of cupping, acupuncture and massage.. Without properly assessing someone it is impossible to say which therapy might work and individuals react differently to different therapies. There is therefore no standard one fits all solution. Most therapists will however have a historical view of what they have treated before and what might work and this may be where their confidence that their therapy is best comes from.
I don't think most therapist say they are the best, but many therapist won't refer a client on even if they feel that someone else could offer a better service for the client. I think this is because most therapists are self-employed and I believe are fearful of losing clients and business so they just hang on those clients they have.
I think that what one clients find amazing and the best will be different for the next client, each client is individual and will be looking for something different out of the treatment and although a good therapist will try to tailor a treatment to the clients needs and wants that will be within the confines of their particular style and personality.
I also think it is extremely important for all therapist to go out and have treatments themselves, from fellow therapist who practice the same modalities as them and also from therapists offering different treatments and therapies so they are knowledgeable about what is available and how it may help someone.
We as therapists should all aim to be the best - The best therapist we can possible be.