I am going to Indonesia to learn traditional healing massage and reflexology, any advice? Thanks!

I am going to Indonesia to learn traditional healing massage and reflexology. The reason I chose Indonesia was that I met in the past colleagues that introduced to me Reflexology and also once when I was sick and weak opened my Meridians. Unfortunately now that I already bought my tickets I decided to search for schools online but could only find them in Thailand and the Philippines. What I found online in terms of schools was Spas in Indonesia, particularly in Bali and Jakarta. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
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The best way to learn reflexology (and the only way i think) is to get with feet or hands and practice as much as possible. To me the best way to learn is through experience. Where you choose to learn the basics is not important it is only by doing you will learn to develop your skill. We are all unique and each therapeutic encounter you will have will be unique too. Like disease itself, you may follow similar patterns or have similar responses to another but your treatment will be taken up by the body in differents ways. Even if you learn in the same school with the same lecturer in the same class you will never be the same practitioner as your peers. This is because, in short, you bring yourself to the treatment and the client you treat brings themselves. You will never replicate a time, place and context because our bodies are in constant flux and change, never still so how could you hope to replicate something fluid.
Enjoy your training enjoy the privilige of being in such a beautiful country and savour every moment as it is your journey and it is this journey which will colour your experience that becomes the practioner you will be in the future. Look not to others for answers, but within yourself, for you have all the answers you need within.
Good luck, I hope the fasination of reflexology stays with you a lifetime!
A fellow reflexologist :)


Thank you LeeNoquest for the tips and the encouragement, i really needed that!
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It's new,, if you want to go to Bali, you can learn Spa in Canggu near Kuta. For details please check this Massage School in Bali website...
If you go to Indonesia for learning pitjit: don't go to a spa or massage-school!
Pitjit (on Bali and Java it's written PIJAT) has been handed down from generation to generation in an oral tradition for centuries.
Try to go to a remote 'dessa' (little village) or deep into a 'kampong' (outscirt).
Ask for the local Ibu Pitjit or Tukang Pitjit (litt. massage-mother resp. massage-practitioner) or even better: a known Dokon Pitjit (Sjaman).
It wil take some time and effort to find a authentic pitjit practitioner but the knowledge they have...
Wish you good luck,
Cis Everhard
Read this article, I think u'll find what you need:
Good luck! :)


Thanks but no thanks. I am not looking for sorcery and witchcraft.
I suppose you haven't read the article...some of the healers specialize in massage (for bone or muscle pain)! But if you want to learn the westernized form (which I also like very much!), you can try these, if you go to Bali:
http://www.spabaliacademy.com (need to email them as nothing's written on the website)
Indonesians themselves train in these places (my Indonesian husband is a masseur, so I know it)!
Thanks for the useful information!
lucky you going all that way! in regards to reflexology, just make sure that you are always using your thumb when massaging and no sticks are used. i have seen this and think its very bad practice as you can not feel sensitivities and debris within the foot and cant judge the strength of the massage. the reflexology course would normally take a year, so is really important to do case studies etc. in regards to healing, you really can only learn it properly in a minimum of 2 years going up to 5 years. the easy and quick part is learning how to channel energy, but it takes a very long time to integrate your learning and to learn and be able to intuit the subtle bodies, chakra sytems etc. i hope this helps and good luck. :)
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As long as it is an accredited and insurable course that you are doing I see no problem in learning it in Indonesia.
Hi there, traning in Indonesian massage,Pitjit, is not as formally structured, often it is passed on from family member to family member. Being of Indonesian descent myself I do not know of Indonesian Reflexology, however the feet are massaged. When you are in Indonesia try to find a MAster of renowed reputation, best way to learn really. Pitjit is not a relaxing pampering massage as it is so often portrayed in the West. Indonesian massage is really for muscle pain but also to alleviate symptoms of cold. Like the Chinese they use a deep scrubbing technique which will indicate areas of concern. Balinese massage is completely different and would lend itself more for a pampering massage. The Balinese make use of some Thai Massage techniques, Reflexology, essential oil, stretches, herbal baths. Quite Amazing. Hope this helps Robert http://www.accreditedmassagecourses.co.uk


Thanks a-Robert, so far the best answer. If you know of any Master or the best way to look for one i would love to know. Once again thanks for taking time to answer my question.