Lava Shells Massage

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Offering all the benefits of a hot stone massage with a tropical kick, a lava shell massage uses naturally self-heating Tiger Clam shells from the sun-kissed shores of the South Pacific to soothe all sorts of aches and pains. It’s time to try the shore way to relax…

What you can expect?

Your trip to paradise will begin with a massage oil applied to your body. With the heated shells held in the palms of your therapist’s hands, they will then use light Swedish strokes to loosen up your muscles and ease any tension that may be lingering. The blissful warming sensation combined with the smooth surface of the shells will make you never want to leave the table – we promise. The result? A refreshed, rejuvenated and relaxed new you. Tempting stuff!

Know before you go

  • Along with stress, muscle tension and arthritic pain, lava shell massages are said to work wonders on blocked energy flow and even Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
  • If you’re super eco-friendly, this is a must – tiger clams are a natural reducer of greenhouse gases, so you’ll be helping the planet as you destress. All in a day’s work!

The sciencey stuff

Let's get technical: lava shells owe their magic to a mix of minerals including algae, dried sea kelp, dead sea salt and essential oils. This blend of ingredients creates a chemical reaction inside the shell to produce heat that lasts for up to two hours – a lot longer than stones. What’s more, the lava shells give off calcium ions which leaves the skin looking firmer and more fabulous. What could be more worth shelling out for?

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