Really fancy a Lava Shells Massage or Hot Stones... which is the best one to go for?

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The basalt stones have their own beneficial properties as they consist of olivine and magnesium silicate and have Moh's hardness scale from 1 - 10 basalt is rated 7 whereas a diamond is rated as 10. Magnesium reduces tension in the muscles leaves the skin silky soft. Application of the geotherotherapy exchange of heats together with the smooth basalt and marble stones make their composition easy to use as their natural properties and weight of the stones penetrate and permeate muscle tension in a way that is remarkable. When energy is used with the treatment the stones work for themselves. When the therapist uses the chakra healing with the crystals this whole combination is not only a luxury but highly healing for emotions as well. Benefits are increased circulation, relaxing, healing, invigorating and benefiial for injury.
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Well this is a difficult answer and a multiple ways to answer. Which is the best to receive? (this mean from the patient perspective) Which is the best to perform? (Practitioner perspective). In my oppinion as a practitioner there is nothing that you cannot do with the Shell that cannot be done with the Stones but there is too many things cannot be done with shell and can be done with stones. As some techniques can be done by both such as effleurage, petrissage, triger point, vibrations, striping... other such as piezoelectric technique, holding and stone placement or layouts cannot be performer by shell and in my opinion is in here where the beauty of Stone Therapy is. On the other hand, a lay out of stone/crystal is a treatment by itself which meas that even the therapist is getting a fresh hot stone(s) the treatment is still on or not interrupted ( and actually if the shell gets too hot it need to be soak in water, ir your treatment is longer than an hour you need to recharge another shell..)Stones are more versatile there are different sizes which hold different amount of heat and also have different utilities. So for example, while you are working on the anterior leg you can set some stones on the back of the leg (and obviously on both side of erector spinae, glutts, back of the neck, on face and chakra alignment) plus on the toe...Also some crystal can be brout into the treatment cold or hot dfepending on the crystal which in the same way than the basalt stones, they have their own healing properties The idea is got, isnt?
Talking about the Shell there are wonderful regarding to long time they keep the heat and also because they also provide the cold or glaciar shell. In addition they are get cleaned quickly and the set up is quick as well. Also the training (in UK) is just one day.
So, if we look to a therapeutic treatment value and from the pleassurable treatment value I do think Hot Stone are more interesting so far than Lava Shell. If we talk from the therapist/Spa point of view i think Lava Shell are an option because all you neeed is a box to store the shells and satches.
Also there are other option such as electric hot stone which i have never tried so I do not have any formal opinion.
I just did my Lava Shells training and I've got to say it is by far the best method for a heated treatment. You can use up to 4 shells in a massage and the temperature is really managable so throughout the whole massage you can stay toastie warm. I have found with hot stones they go cold very quickley and also they need to be cleaned thoroughly as the stones absorb the massage oil and dead skin cells - I know from working in certain spas that they don't get cleaned as often as they should. The Lava Shells don't absorb anything so they are really hygienic.
I have already has some clients in for the treatment and the response is amazing - you can get really deep into the muscles and it makes them feel so chilled out. It's a beautiful treatment.
Also, if any of you are thinking of getting in Lava Shells in your salon the training is brilliant. The class size is small enough so you can get one-to-one time with the trainer if you need it and the people who run it are so happy and friendly - you can really tell they enjoy what they do and the after support is fantastic for those who need a bit of a boost in doing their treatments or with retail ideas.
Anyway! Give them a go and see what you think!
I have to go with hot stones. As gadgetsrus, Allysa, IntegratedHealer and vortex- therapies explain why they are the best. As well as helping with stress and giving a deep relaxation it helps get deeper down to the muscles. It is so much more than just massage.
Hi There;
i highly recomend you ,good hand massage instead of those way ,
old and traditional way of massage from good toucy hand always good ,obviously know kinesiology and anotomy ,cardio expert will do great massage ,
really important idea of massage , pressure, movement and positioning
stone and lava wont provide those ideas, I can recommend good hand in Covent Garden who can provide mixture of massage .
Murat Gecmen
Bsc( hons) personal Trainer
The huge difference is that Hot Stones give you much more as far as the overall experience is concerned.
While Lava Shells treatment involve one, max two shells and these must be constantly manipulated by the therapist (otherwise they can go extremely hot), hot stones treatment can involve upwards of 20 stones during the treatment.
n other words, Lava Shells cannot be left on your body as they go hot if left unused, hence the therapist is unable to leave any of them on your skin.
Hot stones get cold once taken out from the heater wereas Lava shells get hot if unused.
I am a therapist and use both modalities but the stones offer a fuller experience. Lava shells are a new fashion and have yet to pass the test of time. Will see...
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Dear Sazzle,
Abate Beauty & Spa Sanctuary suggests, why not try both therapies each are equally rewarding and beneficial and by doing so you can decide which one it is you prefer and works best for you. Everybody has their own preference but it is important to decided whether you are wanting a treatment purely for relaxation, injury, or a medical condition. Which ever treatment you choose it is very important to speak to your therapist highlighting your concerns and answer your questions this should then make your decision easier.
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How about using both, I love both the shells and the stones so I use both in my massages. Depending of course on my client's requirements.
I have found the hot stones array for a spinal layout really helpful in loosening up the tense back muscles. Then I use both the shells and the stones to work deep into the problem areas. Why not have the best of both worlds....?
Best wishes
Lava Shell Massage is definitely better than Hot Stones. As Maurine said, the shells maintain constant heat for over an hour and therefore don't need to keep being changed during the massage. They also emit calcium ions on contact with the skin, which leaves it lovely and soft! They are amazing for muscular tension and I also find that the heat instantly relaxes clients. Enjoy - whichever you choose!
Lava shell massage is by far better than hot stone. The shells stay hot for over an hour therefore the therapist hands never leave the client during the massage where as the hot stones need to be replaced regularly
I would suggest Hot Stones - the basalt stones hold their heat far better and the massage gets deeper into the muscles.