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Is there anywhere in britain near bristol or cardiff that teaches lava shells massage?, im a qualified massage therapist and would like to learn this new therapy
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I find that Lava Shells are much nicer than Hot Stones, it's flows more naturally as a treatment for the therapist. Also I am a mobile massage therapist and it is nice to be able to offer a hot treatment that does not need a tank etc....
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Hi there Manuiti
I have just been on the Shared Beauty Secrets website and found that they do training courses at Jotra - Beauty & Holistic Academy (Aust, Bristol)
The Old School House, Old Passage Road, Aust, Bristol
I know that they are going to be at the NEC in Birmingham on the 8th and 9th of May 2011 at the UK Beauty and complimentary therapy event. They have a stall there and will probably be doing some talks and demos.
I went to the Scottish Beauty Show last year where I went to one of their talks and signed up for a course on the spot. It is expensive but well worth the money and the shells just feel and look so lovely!!! I incorporate them into all of my treatments. My clients all adore them.
I did my training through the Mary Reid School of Beauty Therapy and I loved every second of it and got to meet so many different and lovely therapists.
Do the course you won't regret it....
Best wishes
Go onto and search for it including your area.
You need to speak to Clare or Alison at Shared Beauty Secrets they are the UK and Ireland distributors and are really lovely. They can help with course dates in your area. Let them know I passed the details on. Thanks Kerrie xx
I personally dont get it? use heated shells are they not like using hot stones or am i missing something?


Lava Shell massage uses tiger clam shells which have been polished off so they feel silky smooth. They are much lighter than stones and I personally prefer the freedom of movement and fluidity the shells allow the therapist during the treatment. A teabag is placed inside the shell and mixed with saline solution, this causes an energy reaction which causes heat, making this a very quick and mobile treatment. I love lava shell massage and choose to specialise in this treatment at my salon. You need to speak with Clare or Alison at Shared Beauty Secrets for more information
The company is called Shared Beauty Secrets
They have training at Gloucester & London (cant remember the other locations)
Training is £100
Kit is £250
Total £350 + VAT = £411.25
Hope that helps
Sorry wrote my web address instead of theirs! I think they can even come to you to offer training if you have a group of people get in touch with Shared Beauty Secrets on 01869 357701