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We all remember the trials and tribulations of being a teenager. Throw in a side of bad skin, and the memories are ten times more painful. Luckily, help is on hand for any cases of ‘teen face’ with targeted facials that use specially selected products for young, hormone-affected skin.

### What you can expect? Upon arrival, you’ll be taken to a private room where your facial will kick off with a quick consultation so the therapist can take a good look at your skin and iron out any worries you may have. The steps that follow will depend on your skin type, but you can expect a winning combination of deep cleansing, gentle exfoliation and a treatment mask – all using gentle products and a light touch to avoid angering your skin (because who wants more redness?). The experience will end with some tips and tricks on how to care for your skin at home in order to keep you looking fresh-faced.

Know before you go

  • Teen facials tend to cater to 13-18 year-olds – any older and you’re probably best trying a treatment geared towards adult skin. In fact, there are plenty of treatments suitable for adult acne on Treatwell.
  • Some places require written consent from a parent or guardian if you’re under a certain age, so make sure you’re signed, sealed and ready to go.

The sciencey stuff

So, we all know that spots are part of the parcel of teen life – but why does acne rear its head in adolescence more than any other time? The reasons can vary from person to person, but a lot of signs point to hormones, which up the ante during puberty. Sigh! This causes the skin’s sebaceous glands to expand and produce more oil – and hey presto! You’re reaching for the spot cream. Thankfully, a teen facial can work wonders.

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