LED Light Therapy

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Your skin deserves to be in the spotlight, so why not bask in the therapeutic glow of LED Light Therapy? All sorts of skin woes can be minimised with this state-of-the-art treatment, whether that be troublesome acne, saggy wrinkles or old battle scars. It’s completely non-invasive and a totally painless procedure that can help leave skin soft and smooth. Now that’s what we call a lightbulb moment.

What to expect?

So, you’ve decided to step into the light, but what can you expect? After your skin has been assessed, your esthetician will first cleanse and exfoliate your face to unclog dirty pores. You’ll then be asked to pop on a pair of goggles to protect those peepers (the lights are, unsurprisingly, bright). Here’s where the magic happens. The fancy machine is gently lifted over your head, where bursts of different coloured LED lights will be triggered, each performing a different job (more on these later on) to alleviate skin problems. That’s it! You’ll leave post treatment with radiant skin you can really see and feel.

Know before you go

  • We recommend you avoid this kind of treatment if you’re prone to photosensitivity.
  • LED Light Therapy requires no downtime (no red or peeling skin here!), making this treatment the perfect pick-me-up before a big night out.
  • Suffer from epilepsy or porphyria? You may want to check with individual treatment centres or your local GP before booking a session.
  • If you’re a mum-to-be, you should double check with your doctor before considering LED light therapy.

The sciencey stuff

Believe it or not, but the colours of the LED lights each serve a different function to promote skin health. Blue lights help to kill off bacteria, breaking down naturally occurring chemicals that cause acne and spots; while red light aids collagen production. Infrared light on the other hand penetrates even deeper cell layers, helping tighten skin and combat wrinkles. Talk about enlightening...

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