i have brown patches on my cheek sand my forehead that i would like treated and wondered what the best method was. Ive heard of laser light therapy.
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Glycolic Skin peels are the best solution for Hyperpigmentation starting at a 20% solution and increasing to 40% over a series of 4 - 5 peels. Not only is this a great treatment for hyperpigmentation it also clears fine lines and clears acneic skin and shriks and refines open pores. Home care to maintain the results should include a Glycolic 5% wash daily and a 6-8 week maintenance peel and the most important part to protect the skin SPF30+
i use and recommend BeautyLab Glycolic Peel for information look at their website
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Hello where are you based. I do IPL for pigmentation and it is the most effective treatment around. I can offer you a free no obligation donsulatyion. I am based in Fulham.
have a look at the fantastic technology from nuksin - it lifts and firms the skin , irons out the wrinkles and helps to reduce pigmentation blemishes. you can buy your own kit and do the treatments at home. click on the website below to see a demonstration of the product. good luck
Hi I didnt want to not answer but I don't do any type of face treatments. I specialise in fat loss through ultrasound cavitation.
Firstly, it would be important to establish the cause of the pigmentation in order to give the correct treatment.Sometimes this could be caused by hormonal issues,certain medications or sundamage to name a few.
There are lots of different options for treatment from laser to peels,and skin lightening products.The success is often very difficult to predict,and will depend on the condition of your skin and it's sensitivity ,colour,and your committment to staying out of the sun,especially when undergoing treatment.
The best first step is to seek a skin specialist in your area and have an in-depth consultation to discuss your options.This should be a free,no-obligation appointment.
Hope this helps.
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