I would also like some advice on what products to use for oily/shiny skin and breakouts

I always seem to have shiny skin and breakouts and most products seem too harsh which makes my skin worse. Could anyone recommend products that really work?
Does light therapy really help with shiny skin and breakouts?
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Oily skin is very common and the reason this gives you breakouts is because you have over active oil glands, also oily skin types often suffer from enlarged pores, which means its more important for you to keep your skin clean, as if they fill with sebum and oil this develops into "white heads", they then pick up bacteria they develop to "black heads".
I have lots of advice for you:
1. cleanse tone and moisturise your skin twice a day everyday! very important. Toning particularly important as this cleans your skin and makes sure there is no cleanser left to clogg your pores, this will also neutralize any drying affect of water if you have used water with your cleanser.
2. MOISTURISE! MOISTURISE! MOISTURISE! Do not be tempted to allow your skin to dry out, quite often with oily skin you feel you shouldn't add moisture, but by feeding the skin with moisture you are preventing your oil glands from producing too much oil. Dont go for creams, use light lotions that are designed for oily skin. Carry rice papers with you during the day to blot your skin and remove excess oil.
3. Use natural products with no alcohols, there are lots on the market and you dont have to always pay the ridiculous prices some of these skincare companies charge. I would recommend you visit Pure Bliss Online....they have a great range but you can buy small sizes at low prices to start with and see how you get on before buying a full size. Because they are a small company who make their products local (to me) there products are very fresh, and very natural. I use these products in my treatments and my customers have amazing results.
Anything that has alcohol in it that you put on your skin will strip your natural layer of oil and your oil glands then overproduce oil to replace it, by lunchtime you will be oily again and be in a vicious circle
4. try and treat your skin at least once a week (twice a week max) to an exfoliation or mask, or both, clay masks are very good for oily skin.
Please feel free to visit my site, there is some very good advice on good skincare products and which ingredients to avoid.
Hope you find this helpful.
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I’d recommend Saki
Hi I am Julia Rhodes of West London Colonics. I don't know about light therapy , although I am considering the use of a light machine in our clinic , conjoint with colon hydrotherapy. However , I know from experience with 700 clients ,that a systemic approach works great with many conditions, that on the face of it ( sic ) appear unrelated . Such an approach is colon hydrotherapy . Why not give it a go.
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You have oily skin due to an over active skin gland called sebum, a lot of the products in the shops have alcohol in them and that's what drys out the skin. You can try Eve Taylor product they are on the cheaper side of proffessional product range . Or Decleor have a good range for oily/ combation skin , but the can be 2/3 times the price. Also have a facial once a month to maintain your skin.
Caring properly for the skin at home is very important to keep it healthy and ensure that your skin works right. Cleaning the surface of the skin from excess oil and dirt will help eliminate the hidden agents beneath the surface of the skin that cause a breakout. Proper cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturizing are the best ways to control the build up of bacteria. When you go shopping for skincare products, look for:
- Sulfur and Zinc Oxide which target, conceal, and help clear breakouts
- Salicylic Acid helps clear follicles and kills acne bacteria
- Kaolin (oil-absorbing clay)and bentonite (white clay)
- Witch hazel
- Eucalyptus (draws out impurities)
The skin needs a balance of water and oil to be healthy and just because your skin is oily, it does not mean that moisture is not required. You need to moisturise well so your skin does not feel ‘thirsty’ and produce even more oil.
The reason you have a shiny skin is because you have overactive sebaceous glands which
can also result in breakouts. From experience I have found using mild toners to mop up
the oil and and make the pores appear smaller. I use Yves Rocher Specific range myself
and also in my Salon. It smells of grapefruit. Also, internally I take a herbal remedy called
Agnus Castus which helps to balance the hormones. Also electrical facials would help - galvanic disencrustation and high frequency treatments.
HI there you are best to book in with a reputable clinic for a skin analysis to assess your suitability for treatment and fully address your concerns - a good product to use is Vitamin A serum like SkinScription ReStimulate to clear oil and outbreaks.
Shiny skin and break outs are very common and easily managed. I would advise you using Obagi product range Obagi Clenziderm Foaming cleanser and Obagi Pore Therapy. These products contain 2% Salicylic acid and 5% Benzoyl Peroxide, this ingredient helps to regulate the sebum production reducing the oil which will in turn reduce the breakouts. Visit this link for more information http://www.med-spa.co.uk/obagi_clenziderm.html
If the breakouts are still persistent whilst using these products I would advise you to have the occasional ND Yag Acne treatment evry fortnight/monthly. This particular laser kills the bacteria deep within the skin aswell as reducing the inflammation around the acne.http://www.med-spa.co.uk/active-acne.html
Please visit our website http://www.skinlc.co.uk if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact here at the clinic
Try products containing alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids or salicylic acid. And, don't forget that typically ones skin will become a little worse before it peaks and begins to get better. Just follow your routine as advised by a professional. Sick with it!
I would advise high frequency treatments over LED light therapy for acneic skin.
Try "Line A" from the "Dr Belter" skin care range - especially designed for oily, acne and skin prone to breakouts. For more medical version, Obagi CLENZIderm will help to clear the skin. Please, refer to http://www.bodysilk.co.uk for check out on the above. Good luck!
Absoloutly! We offer a range off products which suit a number of skin types, we use a brand called Mary Cohr which is only available in trained Beauty Therapy Salons, we offer a variety of facials, which includes Microdermo Percussion, ranging from £35 also we sell the prodcuts we use in our facials at our salon, for your skin type we recommend sensitive cleanser, toner and a light moistouriser normally £61.75 but were selling it for £51.75 this month only!
If you are looking for a more intense treatment we do offer Ipl which can visibly reduce facial conjestion leaving a clearer more radiant skin complexion. prices do vary and we always offer a free consultation, with no obligation to book.
Hope you find our advice helpful.
Thanks The Liberte Clinic
You can use a Mineral make up of good quality to give the skin a matt finish. IPL helps in acne. Not so much in treating a shiny skin.
The best products I have come across and use personally are ph balanced ones containing mostly aloe vera - they are gentle, effective, help to keep the skin balanced. For breakouts aloe vera pure gelly, and if they become infected aloe with propolis cream (from bee hives) works a treat as it is a natural anti-biotic, anti-histamine and very soothing but non-greasy. The best aloe vera products in my opinion are the Forever Living ones. You can't put anything better on your skin
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