How often should I go for a facial to ensure maximum benefits for a clear, glowing complexion?

And what would you advise to do at home in between treatments?
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First of all, your skin type and skin conditions needs to be examined to determine how many facial treatments and how often you need facials for best results. Speak to your beauty therapist who will carry out skin analysis. The right facial for your skin needs can effectively improve skin tone, tighten the skin and remove blotchiness.
If your complexion just needs a touch up, and you just need a bit of pampering, then a basic facial including cleansing, exfoliation, massage, and extractions will be sufficient.
Skin replaces itself approximately every 28 days. A new cell moves for about 2 weeks from the lower layer of the skin to the upper layer of the skin and then the cell spends another 2 weeks or so to move to the surface.
I would recommend facials every 4-6 weeks or even up to 8 weeks depending on your skin needs, for this glowing complexion.
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I would advise to go at least once a month , an if necessary get your therapist to alternate treatments so you can have a bespoke package to suit your skins needs since this will change throughout the year and with different stresses.
Again for home care it should be tailored to your needs since you may need to exfoliate every 3 days where as someone with more sensitive skin may need only to exfoliate once a week.
The best thing would be to get a facial analysis done.
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All depends on what kind of products beauty therapist use for facial. I personally recommend to go for facial every two weeks so you keep your skin glowing. In the meantime wash tone and moisturize your skin properly every morning and evening. Buy cleanser which contains exfoliator and toner for ex. with green tea- its good anti- oxidant or chammomile, rose, arnica montana-anti- inflammatory. Never go to sleep with make-up on. Products I use for facial does not give any allergies and result is just amazing. In my opinion 4-6weeks is too long to keep up fresh looking complection because up to this time skin already is covered with another layer of dead skin. Very important thing when you go for facial is proper exfoliation which beauty therapist should provide you because without that whatever she put on your skin after( masks etc) will not absorb deeply into the skin and effect will not be as good as it should be so give it more attension. After facial your skin needs to be very soft, radiant, toned and feel light.
3 to 4 weeks also depends on the roughness of the facial, say microdermabrasion 4 to 5 weeks again depends if dimand heads are used or dimand powder....
I agree with Nicki. Facials are recomended montly by all professional skin care brands, wheather it be a manual facial or a machine facial (caci, galvanic etc).
A facial is not enough alone as what you do at home will have a great impact on your salon treatments. A good home care routie with the correct products for your skin type is a must and a good therapist will recomend what you need. Exfoliation 2-3 times per week depending on your age will aid radiance, along with a regular weekly mask.
Regarding Radiance within a salon treatment: Each salon will have their own facial or machine. But for example our range Guinot offers a fruit acid peel facial for radiance and we also offer Microderabrasion which can be used with crystals or dimaond heads this will be more intense than regular exfoliation dealing with pigmentation, open pores, acne scaring and congestion. Offered as a course for specific concerns or as a monthly maintance.
Hope this helps
Hi, facials are recommended at a 6-8 week interval (which is when your skin naturally renews)and with this your skin would be assessed continually so that you can ensure you are getting what it needs. It is also important however to maintain a good regime at home as this will help to continue the results that were acheived in your facial.
However if you are looking to treat a certain condition/complaint sometimes it is worth having a course of xxxx amount of facials (determined via consultation) as this will give the skin a boost and if you are not used to following a regime etc it will produce fantastic results!
How often you should have a facial depens on your skin type and what you wish to achieve.
If you have a specific problem like acne or pigmentation, I would recommend a course of facials (6-10) /1-2 times a week, then move on to the maintenance and have a facial monthly.
Keep up the good work at home by using products recommended by your skin care specialist. Remember that sun screen is your number one anti-ageing tool; as of course a balanced diet. Prevention is better than cure so if you start looking after your skin now,you will have a reward in a form of smooth skin in the years to come.
Ideally on weekly basis but to be practical on fortnightly basis.
Hello, this really depends on your skin and any conditions or problems that you have. A facial every 6 weeks or so is ideal to keep your skin looking glowing and healthy and also deals with changes that you may experience with the change in seasons etc. If necessary, you could also have shorter maintenance treatments in between to ensure your skin is in optimum condition!
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I recommend going for a facial that includes extraction every 4 weeks as the bare minimum. I offer courses of treatments where you can pay for 5 and get the 6th for free if you was looking to do something monthly. I use Clarins products as they are plant based, & I used to work for Clarins and I love the products.
I would also suggest once a month, Although there are lots of things to take into account.
If you are a person that looks after your skin very well, knows how to maintain you skin and does so, then once a month would be just right. If you are a person that doesn't have time for masks, exfoliating, cleansing, toning & moisturising etc your skin will need treatments more often. As most have said it also depends on what you are having facials for, they are also distressing, relaxing experiences, you are treating yourself from the inside out.
My advice would be go have a facial and ask your facialist about the condition of your skin, discuss what you want from your facials and they should advise you accordingly.
Tips for keeping your skin in good condition:
Cleanse, tone & moisturise twice a day, everyday, Cleanse twice at night time.
Use a nourishing mask twice a week
Exfoliate twice a week
Always use upwards and outwards movements when doing anything to your face (a good tip here is use the right hand for the left side of your face and left hand for right side), from the chin upwards. This way you will naturally move upwards and outwards.
So that's upwards from the chin and outwards around the cheeks and forehead areas (towards the ears).
Drink 6 glasses of water a day and watch your diet, you can indulge in luxuries every now and then, just in moderation.
Hi Facials, are very individual, It is recommended that you have a facial monthly, perhaps after you have had Skin mapping completed, and an intense course of facials over around 6 weeks then a monthly maintance facial to ensure there are no changes in your skin that would require treatment.A home routine is also advised
I agree that it very much depends on your skin type and whether you have any specific skin problems. The average time is around 4 to 6 weeks but if you have not looked after your skin or are experiencing problems then you may benefit from a weekly or fortnightly treatments until this is under control. Remember there are times when your skin changes due to hormonal conditions and you may need to look at these a little closer.l
Your home treatments or routine is really important and these will form the basis of how good your skin will look. A 4 to 6 week facial is all very well but if you neglect or pay little attention to your skin routine in between times you won't get the results you hope for.
On a personal level I am 60 years of age and apart from my daily skin routine, give myself a facial every week, but I vary my treatments. It may be a deep oil facial massage, a deep exfoliation with mask, an enzyme peel if I feel it's needed, a microcurrent or Dermaroller treatment to keep those lines under control! A much younger person may need a completely different range of treatments..
Your therapist should always give you home advice and if they don't then ask! They should tell you whether the products you are using are right for your skin type and will recommend any changes you need to make. If they are genuinally interested in their clients they will also pass on various low cost tips that can make a big difference to your skin condition.
Hope this helps.
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Maureen, your skin looks amazing! You are truly glowing, you are the perfect example that a good skincare routine works wonders. Congratulations on looking so youthful, I'll take a leaf out of your page :)
Thank you so much for the lovely comment..!! It's surprising how a regular routine becomes as easy as brushing your teeth each day and I try my best to lead by example. Of course, a 60 year old can never have the skin of a 20 year old but a little effort can go a long way to ensure you look your best no matter what your age..!! :)
I too would suggest approximately every four to six weeks. However, I would add that you also use home care products that compliment your facials. Products containing glycolic and/or salicyclic acid, antioxidants, etc. Your Skin Care Specialist can advise you.
How often you go for a facial depends entirely on your individual skin type and the results you want to achieve.
In answer to your question for a clear, glowing complexion a monthly facial with the correct homecare routine should suffice however if you were looking for more specific results for anti ageing, toning and firming or acne scar reduction I would strongly suggest a course of treatment with one per week over a six to ten week period followed by a monthly maintenance plan.
Many skincare companies or medical skincare companies offer courses as do reputable beauty salons. Always make sure if you are sensitive you have a patch test 24 hours prior to any invasive skin treatment.
Hope this helps!
In order to maintain gorgeous clear skin, it really is best to go for a course of Medical Microdermabrasion treatments. This deep exfoliating treat will freshen and renew the skin by stimulating collagen and boosting skin renewal. This improves texture and tone and makes the skin more receptive to the nutrients in skincare products. A course of 6 treatments taken monthly are recommended for beautiful glowing skin.


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I agree between 4-6 weeks. Regular professional treatments will mean that you will receive a much more targeted skin cleansing routine, where professional products will be used and a skin analysis will be carried out. What's more, regular facials reduce signs of premature ageing, therefore, beating any signs of wrinkles before they occur via special movements and techniques.
You will receive not only your usual skin cleansing routine which you may carry out at home, but also steaming and massage which will increase your blood circulation, bringing fresh oxygen and nutrients to your skin while removing all toxins. A good mask will also help detoxify and lift off dead skin cells from your skin.
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hi!recommended every 4-6 weeks!