Can anyone recommend a London skin clinic that treats acne and hyper-pigmentation in ethnic skin?

My skin looks awful. I have a lot of dark marks left by acne, and lots of blemishes and uneveness as well. It's so embarrassing and I'm depressed about it. I know that ethnic skin has its particularities so I'd rather go somewhere where they know how to handle it properly. Thanks
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Try an at-home microdermabrasion treatment like PMD or Riiviva. Most users are very impressed with the results.
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Try Skin Beautiful London Clinic at Greenford. Website:,
Specialise in Acne Treatments with Light Therapy
I treat all types of skin conditions. I use Environ products which is designed by a south africian dermatologist who specialises in sun damages, scarring and pigmentaion and use Vitmain A (retinol) in their products
I also use mild peels which help resurface the skin.
Here is my website
If you have any more question I am happy to help
Kind regards
Princess Soraya Salon Email:
We specialise in treating Acne scarring, Pigmentation and Acne skin.
We use a variety of machines: ChromaLight (LED), Galvanic, Ionocinesis
(look up my website please under Face treatmens), This is the most result driven
treatment in Europe and after 5 or 6 sessions visibly reduces Acne scar, Pigmentation,
unblocks skin, removes Black & white heads. Loosens dirt and brings them
Please read Testimonial Tab, under the Web site too.
You can email me to ask any questions.
Hi I work for myself but also work in medical clinics and have treated many clients with acne scaring and blemishes using microdermabrasion, I think this is a fab treatment but you do need course of treatments to get the results. I'm not sure where you live but I am in reading even if you would like to pop in to see me to have a look at your skin.
Many thanks
Please check my web, beauty through nutrition clinic section. I have two successful cases on acne treatment (it has to be 2 years on remission for grading a case as a success). Both clients had had metabolic problems as a reason for their acne onset. In both cases it could be resolved through adjusting of the diet only. Your depression is a consequence of your skin condition and it will go away as soon as your skin will clear off. However, the process could be speeded up with the help of essential oils - proven! It took me about 20 years to understand that the skin health is actually your gut health and reflects the gut health as a mirror. I have read about it before, but was quite reluctant to accept it until I studied the subject on academic level and understood the physiology. Do not waste your time on topical treatments only. They are helpful, but do not eliminate the root of the problem, just give you temporarily reieif.
I may help.
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