Have you had the LED procedure done on you?

I checked out some info over at the American Academy of Dermatology and found that indeed dermatologists say that LED can improve fine wrinkling and skin discoloration.
Asked by Daniel777

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It depends on the device. If you use medical strength device then it will achieve results for you. If you are using a cheap little machine that you bought from Ebay, you will be disappointed. In UK IPL is the first choice of aesthetic practitioners to treat aging skin over LED as IPL delivers more energy in a shorter pulse, thus stimulating fibroblast cells. However, be careful with potential sides effects such as laser burns. Dermal Roller (medical needling) is more effective than light therapies for treating wrinkles as it releases so called human growth factors and fibroblast cells, thus the results are better faster. It also cost less. Carboxytherapy is another great method to treat aging skin and fine lines.
Good luck.
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Hi Daniel - I have not personally had this treatment, although any form of intense light treatment will help with the fine wrinkling and skin discolouration you describe.Red led has limited use, its probably better to consider green or yellow ipl treatments for best results.
No I haven't and don't offer this service, although I believe that it is claimed to stimulate deep cellular renewal to repair and renew damaged cells and therefore stimulate the rejuvenation process.I agree that manual facial massage as carried out during a profesional facial, can have equally beneficial and possibly more relaxing results at less costs.
The LED light treatments can be effective in terms of stimulating collagen, which in turn can help with slowing the aging process and minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. However, a lot depends upon the particular devices. There are hand-held devices that you can do on yourself and then there are larger devices that emit more light and can treat the entire face, while you sit (with eye protection) while allowing the procedure to work. In any case, several treatment sessions are necessary and this can become costly. Some offices do offer packages.
Honestly, you may find that manual stimulation of your facial muscles, can be just as effective, or even more effective, and for far less money and time. I am refering to facial massage.