Eczema on my face & neck is discoloured/uneven/red in some places - beauty treatments to help?

Are there any treatments that I could get done to help my colour get back to normal. And not make my skin red, dry etc.
I had bad eczema for the last few years - I am nineteen now.
Thank you so much for your help.
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Hi Shamkeen
As an eczema sufferer myself I can sympathise. Most creams will become uneffective after a while and steroid creams will end up thinning your skin making it even more sensitive.
With regards to discolouration I am not able to advise you but to clear the eczema and calm down the itchiness a detox is the best option. I am currently detoxing as I have an eczema flare up on my hands.
The biggest difference of all would be from cutting out sugar from your diet completely. Sugar creates inflammation to avoiding all types of sugar (including processed foods which are packed with it) and wheat (bread, pasta, processed foods) while increasing Omega 3 oil from fish or flaxseed will soothe the inflammation.
Take regular baths with Epsom salt which will also calm down any kind of flare up; you can also use porridge oats in a small bag and add it to the bath water, it creates a mild cream which will also soothe the skin.
Unfortunately it takes time to see results and I've been doing most of the things I have listed for the past 3 weeks and it is now showing some improvement.
Hope you manage to solve your problem, I wish you well.
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Hi , I am Julia RHodes of west London Colonics .
Can a colonic clear up your skin?
Your skin "breathes" and is the largest organ of elimination. Therefore depending on where the 'weakness' in your body exists, if the colon is clogged or unable to eliminate waste fully, your skin may become congested.
Surface eruptions (acne for example) happen when the skin helps to release toxins. When you cleanse the colon, the other organs of elimination (lungs, kidneys, liver, colon) can do their job properly, and your skin very often clears up.
I have seen this in my practice very often, having now seen 700 clients in around 2000 sessions.
Colon hydro therapy works systemically.
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Dear Shamkeen, eczema, can be treated by a better diet and by detoxing your body. You could ask your parents to invest in your whole family health in acquiring an ultrasonic home spa. See more at our website below :
At your service, Christian
I've had eczema nearly all my life and I'm 24 now. I've gone through so many creams, and unfortunately just about everything flares up my eczema. However, in saying that, I've just about found my cure it takes about a week to kick in but i use elizabeth arden serum and visible difference cream, its a very thick base cream and in the first week use it night and day (apply very generously at night) you may need to use hydrocortisine (very very lightly) on ur flared up area, depending on how red and itchy your skin is, but this will only be for the first few days until the cream kicks in.
on my neck and my body i use body shop - shea whip body lotion
Hope this helps
Lush "Dream Cream" soothed and finally cleared the eczema on my neck
I agree that it's important to find out what may be causing your eczema and although it may take time you can do this by monitoring when it flares up and noting anything that may have triggered it.
In the meantime as far as your facial products are concerned there are lots of products, regardless of what they may claim, that include substances that can irritate the skin. So you have to be particularly careful when choosing these. There are quite a number of beauty therapists who only know the 'beneficial' ingredients of a product but are unfamiliar with the remaining ingredients, so if they are unsure I would always ask them to check if is there anything in the product that MAY cause irritation and avoid these.
As a holistic therapist I use a number of products to help clients with problematic skin. Benefical to eczema and pigmentation are Green Tea, Oatmeal, Rice Bran, Vitamin C (anti-inflammatory), and Aloe Vera to name a few.
There are also some great oils that would help and one of the best would be Emu oil. It has great anti inflammatory properties , can hold water and moisture to combat dryness and It does this without clogging the pores. It can also be used regularly at home as it's very affordable.
Shop around before you decide on a therapist and ask what results they would expect to see and over what time period and whether you will be able to purchase any of the products used for home use.
Hope this helps

MMC Holistic Therapies
Being of Asian origin myself with 20 years experience, not only in the beauty field but also as a colon hydrotherapist , My strong advice would be to first and foremost get treatment for excema by.having colonics to clear your body from within...then change your diet e.g stop all cow's milk and cow's milk products, introduce goats milk. Use pure essential lavender oil on the effected area daily. if possible find out who your nearest therapist is who provides foot detox treatments.
There is not much point having facials to rectify the pigmentation problem untill the excema clears up completely.


I agree , with these suggestions,
If you have experienced HYPOpigmentation then it is possible that the pigment loss is permanent. However, if the loss is only temporary then you skin coloring may return. This may take some time. I would not recommend trying to tan or get sun exposure to regain the coloring. I would be curious as to how long you have actually experienced the pigment loss? I also wonder if there have been products or treatments along the way that may have caused permanent damage to your melanin? I would certainly seek the advise or treatment of a Dermatologist.


Thank you for your help.
Tommorow i am goin to ARK for a 45 facial.
i have had discolouration for 3years... it does get better in the summer but gets itchy again in the winter.
have you tried red light therapy collagen bed,you dont get a tan and it is not harmful to the skin quite the opposite ti helps repair skin and helps with uneven skin tone
Using products that even out skin tone will help,and if the skin is now stable and healthy enough to have a mild peel,this will also encourage a fresher,brighter skin.The treatment I find most effective and great even for eczema prone skins is LED red light treatment.This will gently stimulate healing within the skin,and can be combined with other facials.I would recommend you seek a skin treatment therapist who would offer you a free consultation and maybe some sample products to get you started.I would probaly recommend Dermaquest Delicate Skin products as a possible starting point,or maybe their SkinBrite range.Hope this helps
Hi Shamkeen,
what products have you already use? do you get any allergy to any products at all?
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I dont really use any products. Just creams for dry skin.
I am not realy allergic to anything- but i just have sensitive skin as i have had eczema for so long.
Thank youu
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