Please can you tell me if anyone does the Omnilux blue and red light treatment in Manchester, UK?

I am interested in having this therapy, but I am having Glycolic acid peels (one treatment per week) at the moment and I leave the UK in a month. Please can you tell me if I can undergo Omnilux treatment while I am having Glycolic peels? Thank you, Sara
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It is absolutely fine to use Omnilux or Dermalux LED therapy in combination with Glycolic peels. At Cheshire Lasers we often sell the 2 together as a package as we feel the treatments work well together.
Our most recent offer included 3 peels and 3 Omnilux or Dermalux treatments for £159.
We are using the Dermalux more now as you can use 2 or more light wavelengths at the same time. With Omnilux you can only use one wavelength ( colour) at a time.
i hope this helps any questions do as me.


hi can this peel be put on face viens ,would it damage the viens and make more??
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