hai i have some small holes on face how can i remove that holes and how can i get a smooth face....

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Dear Munna
Thank you for your question. We can offer you a few options to treat your acne ranging from Laser Treatments to Prescribed Products. We offer a complimentary consultation and would very much like to see you so we can assess your skin and recommend the best solution for you. The Skin & Laser Clinic is based in Tunbridge Wells Kent an our number is 01892 535577.
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The latest newest technology for acne skin and pour minimising is called ‘Matrix RF Fractional Skin Resurfacing’. Matrix RF works by frequency energy being precisely directed to tiny matrix spots. The healthy skin around the marks accelerates the healing process of the skin. Post treatment, you may notice increased levels of beneficial collagen, and the texture of your skin becomes smooth and elastic. We are the first of two clinics in the UK to offer this treatment; it is the latest technology in Medical Aestetics!
We also retail a variety of products, that when used along side your skin treatment will significantly aid in feeding, protecting and healing your skin along with reducing pour size.
Please visit our website for full details or feel free to contact me directly on 01844 213007.
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What you are describing is acne pits and scarring. Both resulting from picking and squeezing your acne lesions. Your best approach to smooting the surface layer of your skin is exfoliation. (Slougthing off the surface layer.) This can be achieved thru a home care regime consisting of glycolic acid, retinols, etc. You can also begin recieving chemical peels and/or microdermabrasion. Laser resurfacing is another option.
Depending upon the severity of the scarring, a physician may also recommend a deeper peel such as a phenol peel.
I would research all of my options and would seek the advice of esthetic, dermatology and plastics professionals for one-on-one consultations and treatment options.
This is difficult to answer without actually seeing you.
But I would definitely want to have you on a good vitamin A skin care range, like ENVIRON.Vitamins A, C & E will help to clear your skin, make your skin work more healthily & will produce, in time, a more smooth, clearer skin. With more refined pores.
You need a good skin care regime, like cleanse,tone & nourish.
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Good luck
It sounds as though you have scarring or 'pitting' from acne. A good, regular skincare regime helps, as detailed in another answer posted here. If you are looking to remove scarring then you need to be having professional treatments that will address this; micro-needling is a good treatment that produces excellent results without being too invasive.
Also consider a corrective skincare range that contains high levels of vitamins, in particular A and C, as this will help correct your skin over time, and also help to give it a smoother appearance
It is difficult to give appropriate advice without seeing your skin first.
Do you mean wide pores?
If this is the case then most frequently they appear as holes when being blocked. What you should do is to stick to daily cleansing routine.
In the morning cleanse and tone the skin and then apply moistriser, suitable for your skin type. Good toner should help to tighten the pores and prevent clogging. Then do the same at the evening with the addition of make-up remover if you wear eye make-up.
Once a week apply pore-tightening mask.
Once a month have a thorough professional facial.