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If your job’s got you tearing your hair out or the kids are driving you up the wall, a shiatsu massage could be just what you need. Using intense finger pressure to relax and re-balance your energy, this type of Japanese acupressure proves it’s all in the digits.

What to expect?

Disclaimer: Shiatsu is not a softly-softly treatment. It’s an intense manipulation of the body, working deep into your muscles for the ultimate stress relief and deep relaxation. Intrigued? Your experience will begin with your therapist asking you to lie on a massage table, or a padded area of the floor. The magic of the massage is in the pressure of your therapist’s fingers and thumbs, but they may also use knuckles, elbows, feet and knees – anything to really loosen up your muscles and get your energy on the go. The result? You’ll be revved up and ready to take on the world.

Know before you go

  • If you’re expecting a sensuous, stroking massage, shiatsu might take you by surprise – there are no oils involved and it’s done fully clothed.
  • Avoid eating a heavy meal before the session – the vigorous nature of the treatment is no joke on a full stomach!
  • Not only is it great for stress reduction and pain relief, shiatsu is also said to super-charge your immune system too. A Shiatsu a day…

The sciencey stuff

Shiatsu works with the body's vital energy – also known as ‘chi’. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that when your chi becomes blocked, illness strikes. Using pressure to stimulate the energy channels, shiatsu aims to unblock any stuck energy through a winning combination of kneading, stretching and rubbing for a true healing experience.

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